Thursday, February 11

Let the critters from the Cuddle Barn do the talking this Valentine's Day!

In my book one is never to old to give or receive a stuffed animal for Valentine's Day. I for one think it's sweet when someone goes out of their way to pick one that they think will make the biggest impression on you. My husband has only given me a few over the course of our marriage, but each one of them has always held a dear place in my heart. And I will note I still have them all sitting on top of our bed headboard.

One thing you can do to "switch it up" so to speak is take your stuffed animal giving to the next level with one that sings, dances, lights up, or of curse a combination of those things. Nothing puts a smile on someones face more than watching a stuffed hippo sing and dance right?

Hot For You Hugo is a 12" hippo and he is hungry for your love as he sings and dances to the hit song "Hungry Eyes" from the iconic 80s film Dirty Dancing!

Lucky in Love is an adorable 12" monkey that sings and its heart lights up to Nat King Cole's "L.O.V.E."

Buy it: Right now you can purchase these and other Cuddle Barn critters through their website and receive 10% off with code cuddle10.

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