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Lovely Candy Co. - A sweet treat you won't want to share!

When it comes to things like caramels I'm extremely picky. Always have been. I'm not big on the plain square ones that you usually use for baking. I'm more of a soft caramel gal with that creamy flavor that usually goes along with them. So when I got the opportunity to try out the caramels from Lovely Candy Co. I was pretty excited. Their caramels are actually very good...I take that back....extremely good. I love the way they almost melt in your mouth they are so soft. I really like the flavor the sea salt added to them too. My husband on the other hand was super excited about the bags of licorice I got. He couldn't get a hold of the original black licorice fast enough. And needless to say in a couple days time he had them completely gone. The kids ended up with the bags of Fudgee Rolls and Chews. They like to toss candy in their backpack to enjoy on their walks home from school. You can tell from the flavor of their candies that Lovely Candy Co. put a lot of thought and work into their candy recipes. They aren't your run of the mill candies, they are all very unique in their own way and flavor. And if your family is like mine they will each have their own favorites - which in the end is good because no one is left fighting over the last piece in a bag.

The Lovely Candy Company makes premium, consciously crafted candies for consumers looking for indulgent treats which offer the best ingredients available. Lovely candies are all natural, certified gluten free, tested non-GMO, certified kosher and contain no high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients. They have Chewy Caramels, Fudgee Rolls(think a better Tootsie Roll), Fruit Chews with real fruit pieces, and Gluten-Free Licorice. A great treat for you and a fantastic treat for the whole family.

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