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Make it breakfast time anytime at Denny's!

One thing I've always liked about eating at Denny's restaurant is that you can get breakfast anytime of the day. Not just during "breakfast hours" like some restaurants. I'm not one to eat a big breakfast in the morning so I like that I can visit Denny's and have my big breakfast for lunch or even dinner. Plus they have an awesome menu with lots of variety so I can choose whatever size meal I want based on how hungry I am.

Denny's even has an awesome array of value items starting from $2 for those on a tight budget, or that may just want a small meal (like a stack of pancakes) and not have to take home leftovers. Of course who doesn't like leftovers? That's one of my favorite parts about their Grand Slam meal. I get a full meal while dining in, and I have enough leftover for my usual sized breakfast the next day. Plus you can even make your Grand Slam just the way you want it by choosing four items from a wide selection on their menu under the Build Your Own Grand Slam. I'll be the first to admit I tend to be a little picky when dining out. I figure if I'm paying someone else to cook me a meal I want what I want and how I want. So I usually build my Grand Slam, that way I get my eggs just the way I like them (depending on my mood for the day that is).

Make sure if you're going to take the whole family to head on over on a Tuesday (participation may vary by location) because it's kid's night and that means extra savings for mom and dad! Plus they have an awesome kids menu that makes picking their meal extra easy. My daughter loves this because she can figure out all on her own what she wants to eat without us having to read through the entire menu for her.

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