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Always be prepared with The Storage Room

When I hear "freeze dried" my mind immediately goes to the space ice cream I remember enjoying as a kid when we visited the space museum in school. Then it wonders onto freeze dried fruits because I love them for on the go snacking. I've actually had experience with many different freeze dried foods from fruits, to veggies, to soup mixes. They all are actually quite convenient to have on hand. If you've not tried any of them before let me tell you it's definitely worth checking out. Freeze dried fruits are great for keeping in your car for on the go snacks when you forget to grab something on the way out the door. You don't have to worry about refrigeration, and they are super yummy. Freeze dried soup mixes make dinner time a breeze, just add hot water and let the soup do it's thing! Freeze dried foods can also be used for emergency situations like being without power for an extended period of time, or being stranded in your car.

It seems like until you've actually experienced a situation where you had to do without something you don't really think about "being prepared". I know I never would have even thought about having emergency food and water in my car before learning about it through The Storage Room. It's actually a really great idea, especially if you have children. I know we definitely could have used something like this when we got stuck in a traffic jam coming home from vacation during a winter storm. We spent hours in our van with no where to go and we were definitely not prepared. The Emergency Food & Water For Your Car Kit would have definitely been a blessing to have for my kids to help with with their panic attack about being in the car so long they would starve to death. We weren't there that long, but when kids are young they tend to panic much sooner than us as adults would. Since we weren't prepared we didn't have extra snacks or beverages in the car and having this kit would have provided us with both.

Why Buy Freeze Dried Food?
One of the great benefits of freeze-dried food is that it's easy to use. All you have to do is add hot water. Imagine mixing water with a pouch of food and having ready-to-eat Western Chili a few minutes later. It's that simple. For some foods, like fruits and vegetables, they can be eaten dry for a pleasant crunch. The fruit is also great in trail mix.

Freeze-dried food tastes wonderful, and it's because the processing is very gentle on the food. Some preservation processes significantly alter the food, but that's not the case with freeze-drying. Vitamins, enzymes, and phytochemicals are well preserved. Even the color and shape of the food are intact because the food's cell structure is unharmed during processing.

Through the years, the process of freeze-drying has been refined and perfected, leading to an increased shelf life. Freeze-dried food, if stored properly, can stay fresh for up to 25 years. That's great news for anyone who does not want to rotate through food storage each month. You can just buy some delicious food now and stop worrying about it for a quarter of a century. Unless you're a doctor, that's more years than you spent in school. In fact, if you buy a freeze-dried food supply and have a newborn child this year, you could have a grandchild by the time you need to think about buying more food storage. Yeah, it lasts that long. Freeze-dried food is a convenient way to prepare for an emergency, and there are many reasons why it has gained such popularity and widespread use throughout the years.

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