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Tuesday, January 12

Tasty treats for your furry friends!

Like many I think of my pets as part of our family. And because I care for them like I would my own kids I care about what I feed them, even when it comes to treats. Yes you can buy cheap treats in the stores, but who knows what's inside of them. I prefer to give my furry friends treats I know are made with things they actually need, not fillers and additives. That's why I like treats, they are made with natural ingredients.

Treat your dog to what is deserved: Nothing But Natural Treats
Evanger's has paired a unique variety of game meats with fruits and vegetables to provide a nutritious, well-loved jerky treat for your favorite pooch. Freeze Dried treats utilize 100% whole muscle meat. That's it. No additives, no preservatives. Treats are great as a snack or reward during training.

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Human Quality foods your cat will love 
At Against The Grain we believe your pet needs the most naturally nutritious, protein-based, and minimally processed food to help optimize their well being. That’s why we use no less than 85% meat and 0% grains, and use conscientious, GMO free, environmentally friendly and sustainable ingredients.

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  1. These sound like something our cats would really enjoy. I had not heard of these before. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is a new brand for me. They sound wonderful!