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Dress up in style with a Queen Elsa Costume

Even though Halloween is over a month away my daughter had already been bugging me about what she wanted to dress up as this year. She wanted something that she could "look like queen in" as she put it. She didn't want to be anything scary, or something that wasn't pretty and stylish. So one evening we finally sat down together and checked out the Costume SuperCenter website and began browsing through at all of their costumes.
First we eliminated categories she wasn't interested in, and then we narrowed it down to a few that she really liked. From there we went through by character deciding what she thought would be appropriate this year. She finally settled on wanting to be Elsa from Frozen. And just when I thought the hard part was over...we found many different Elsa costumes to choose from just under the Frozen theme. I couldn't believe just how many different costume styles Costume SuperCenter offered for one movie. My daughter of course was in Frozen heaven looking through them all. She was so excited and had me going back and forth between them until she finally settled on one.

Once her costume arrived with in minutes of me showing her the package she had it out and was trying it on. She began spinning around and smiling saying how she felt like she could be Elsa. The costume truly was beautiful. I ordered it in a size larger than usual just to make sure it was going to fit her come Halloween because she seems to be growing like crazy these days. Plus sometimes it's cold and she may need to wear something under it for warmth. The costume actually fit her pretty good and was only a little big in a few areas. You couldn't really tell just by looking at it that it was too big on her so I thought it was perfect. Of course if you can't tell by the smile she thought so too.

So I can proudly now say it's a little over a month before Halloween and we area already set to go out trick-or-treating! Costume in hand and our little queen is happy to be in style.

How about you, have you found that perfect costume yet this year?
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