Stacy Tilton Reviews: Vitamins For Fido? Milk-Bone Study Shows Dog-Loving Families are More Fit and Healthy

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Vitamins For Fido? Milk-Bone Study Shows Dog-Loving Families are More Fit and Healthy

According to the “Milk-Bone Human-Canine Health Study” - a survey of 3,000 U.S. dog parents conducted by Milk-Bone brand dog treats (in conjunction with Learndipity Data Insights) - pet parents who include their pups in family health routines lead healthier lives. In fact, 55% of dog parents say their lives are “full of happiness and joy,” compared to 39% of non-dog parents.

Milk-Bone's Good Morning Daily Vitamin Treats provide beneficial nutrients not found in most dog foods. Dogs give us so much love that they deserve more than ordinary treats. They deserve treats with benefits.

Survey Results:

Human Physical Health
• 24% pet parents give their dog vitamins, food, or treats at the same time that they eat or take vitamins• 45% of dog parents report being “active, fit, and healthy” versus 29% of non-dog parents.• 44% of dog parents have a “healthy structure and daily routine” - like for morning vitamins - compared to 33% of non-dog parents.

Canine Physical Health
• 1 our of 3 are concerned that he's not getting enough of the nutrients he needs - especially given that nutrients are missing from most dog foods• 1 out of 3 dog parents want their dog to get more physical activity than he's getting right now

Human Emotional Health
• 55% of dog parents say their lives are “full of happiness and joy” compared to 39% of non-dog lovers.• 54% of dog parents report “feeling loved” while only 35% of non-dog parents do.

Here are some extra tips to ensure that the entire family - including Fido - is healthy and well.

Doggy Exercise
51% of dog parents say they get more exercise because of their dog -- but 1 out of 3 pet parents wish their dog would get more physical activity

     TIP #1: Turn your pups’ morning or evening walking session into a fun, impromptu workout session for the entire family, so both you and Fido will get your daily fit fix.

Puppy Nutrients
1 out of 3 pet parents are concerned their dog isn't getting enough of the nutrients they need.

     TIP #2: Start every day with a vitamin routine for the whole family. Your pup’s should include nutrients not found in most dog foods, like Glucosamine to support healthy joints or DHA to supplement overall wellness, which Milk-Bone’s Good Morning Daily Vitamin Treats provide.

Petting Session Check-ups
Pet parents conduct “well puppy” check-ups, as they would with their child. If a dog is rubbing his eyes, or has oily spots or bumps in his fur, something could be wrong.

     TIP #3: Use fun petting sessions to give your dog a quick look over for possible health ailments, like gently rubbing the bottom of his foot pads for sores.

Family Ritual
57% of dog parents who also have children involve the kids in their doggy caring care routines, with most reporting that it teaches them good life habits and responsibility.

     TIP #4: Your pup needs just as much attention and care as you and your children. When it’s time for your kids to brush their teeth, brush his teeth too (or give him Milk-Bone Brushing Chews).

Good health is important not just for us humans, but for our beloved pets - like Fido too. We all need daily exercise and of course lots of love and affection.

How do you keep your pets healthy and show you love them?


  1. I'd love to try the Healthy Joints one for my dog. She's older and could use help in the joint area!

  2. My Labrador does not eat meat. We give him oats mixed with water or milk. He doesn't eat bones, and we slip yeast tablets into his food a couple of times a week. At five, he is very fit and healthy, thought the oats do give him bad wind from time to time. I take him swimming every weekend which he adores.

    Kelley @ The Whole Hound

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