Stacy Talks & Reviews: Aardvark: The original paper straw - Made in the USA and now BENDABLE!

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Aardvark: The original paper straw - Made in the USA and now BENDABLE!

I know there are many options out there for disposable straws, but did you know there were bendable paper straws? I had no idea until I received some from the Aardvark paper straw line. They are super cool and totally unique. They are called Eco-Flex™ straws and they come in a wide variety of stock patterns, plus they can be customized just like standard paper straws. I've always been a fan of the "bendy" straw because I can leave my drink sitting on the table and just lean over to drink from it at whatever angle I want. Why you ask? Because I hate getting my hands all wet from a sweaty glass when I'm eating. Having a bendable straw means I don't have to touch the glass to drink and I don't have to drink from an odd angle like with the standard straight straws. These Eco-Flex™ straws work perfectly for that and they are super cute too.

• The only bendable paper straw available.
• Contains 1/3 more material than all other paper straws.
• 100% chlorine-free and chemical-free.
• FDA-approved.
• Eco-friendly and can decompose in just 45-60 days (while plastic straws are among the top 10 debris items collecting on beaches and in oceans).
• Comes in more than 200 customizable designs, including NBA and NFL themes.
• Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month and gives 10% of the sales from the pink ribbon paper straws to BCA charities.
• Won’t bleed ink or break down in your beverages.

Aardvark paper drinking straws, based in Indiana, is now selling its straws in Party City. The eco-friendly paper straws, branded under its “Made in the USA” label, will be the only paper straws sold on Party City’s website and will be offered in 900 corporate and franchise Party City store locations throughout the US and Canada.

Based on the original paper straw design, Aardvark’s current straw designs are made with 1/3 more material than competitors and are the only paper straws printed with FDA food-grade approved ink, making them safe and durable to use for family, friends and kids. With more than 200 customizable designs, Aardvark straws are a fit for any occasion.
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