Stacy Talks & Reviews: How to celebrate those "extra" holidays like Cinco de Mayo #CelebrateLikeAChristian

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How to celebrate those "extra" holidays like Cinco de Mayo #CelebrateLikeAChristian

Have you ever wondered how to celebrate holidays that aren't part of the "big holidays" family? I'm talking about holidays other than the typical ones we celebrate like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. You know the ones that we all look forward to, follow them on the calendar, and know what they are truly all about. I know I've wondered that myself for a long time. As a Christian I've always been careful because I didn't want partake in celebrating anything that wasn't in line with our beliefs. So like many I've always pretty much just steered clear of all the "extra" holidays on the calendar that I didn't know much about.

Well worry no more, with the book Holiday Living: Using Year-Round Holidays to Build Faith and Family you can read about those "extra" holidays and learn their importance and how it they can be celebrated with Christian style. The author Brenda Poinsett not only tells you about the history of the holidays she also tells you easy-to-use ways you can incorporate those holidays into your family celebrations and lay a foundation of Christian value all at the same time. Sounds like the perfect book for me, and maybe it might just be what you've been looking for too!

How do you instill in your family a sense of godly heritage while everyone is eating hot dogs and watching fireworks? While it may seem impossible, you can pass on values important to the Christian faith while celebrating year-round holidays---even those rarely celebrated holidays like Presidents' Day. In Holiday Living, author Brenda Poinsett gives readers something to celebrate--an indispensable guide to living up the holidays in Christian style. Covering almost 20 holidays, readers will find fascinating history about how the holiday started and more importantly garner a better understanding of their faith connection to the holiday. In the true spirit of celebrating life in Christ, readers will find easy-to-use, cost-effective holiday ideas to help turn facts into memories, and provide opportunities to lay the foundation of Christian values as they worship. In addition to the major holidays, holidays include Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, as well as cross-cultural holidays like Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick's Day, and Kwanzaa.
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