Stacy Talks & Reviews: The United States of Undies - What's Your True&Co. Style?

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The United States of Undies - What's Your True&Co. Style?

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Ever wonder what the most popular undies are in your home state? Well True&Co. sure did, so they surveyed their customers in every state and asked them what their favorite lingerie is - and the results may surprise you! For example, who would have thought that red flannel lounge-wear is the most popular for True &Co.'s Colorado customers and it's purple nylon bras for their customers up in Alaska?

In my good ole state of Indiana Green Cotton Panties were the most popular...not sure I agree with that myself and I don't think I've ever personally owned a pair of green undies. I personally prefer Cute & Comfy Hipster style undies. The ones from True&Co. even come in super cool colors like lavender and teal!

Want to know what the most popular undies are for your state? Read the full True&Co. Buzzfeed article
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