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Hango™ Lunch Bag Set #hangobags

What's in that drawstring bag you ask? Well it's a nice set of Lunch Bags by Hango™

Sometimes you need to separate parts of your lunch, or you just need a little cooler for a few small items and this set is perfect for that. Ever have your sandwich get completely squished by the rest of your lunch? With the Hango™ lunch bag set you won't have to worry about that again. Just pack your "delicate" foods in one bag and the rest in the other. To give you a clearer picture of the sizes of the coolers I used cans of soda since we all pretty much know the size of a soda can. The bags come in a nice drawstring tote that keeps them together and clean in between uses. Plus you can use it for other things if you like. That means you actually get three bags to use! The lunch bags are folded down inside of themselves upon arrival so you'll have to unfold them for use. I found it easy to fold them back down after use also. The construction of the bags seems to be very good quality and I think they will last a long time. These would be good not just for lunch bags too, great for holding make-up and many other things you want to keep sorted and safe during travel or storage.

Bag Sizes: 
• Large 6" L x 6" H x 10" W
• Small 5" L x 5" H x 7.5" W

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