Stacy Talks & Reviews: Celebrate this Mother's Day with unique gifts from Family Christian #GiftsforMom

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Celebrate this Mother's Day with unique gifts from Family Christian #GiftsforMom

Do you have a someone that's hard to shop for for Mother's Day? I know I do, my mom's one of those people that's not into wearing jewelry and she has tons of fresh flowers right out her front door she's planted already. There goes two good ideas... So that leaves me searching for something to get her that shows her just how much I care, and something that will actually be useful too.

That's one of the many reasons I like to shop at places like the Family Christian store and website. I bet you didn't realize they have hundreds of gifts all sorted and ready for you to search through to find that special gift for your mom, grandma, or other special motherly figure in your life. I'll even step up and admit I didn't either until I checked out their website myself.

Family Christian has so many great categories all lined up for you to shop from giving you great ideas no matter what mom's interests are. You may be thinking "Well, my mom's not a Christian" and that doesn't matter because not everything on their website says "Christian" or has Bible verses on them.

Take this "Scatter Joy" Kitchen Towel for example, I've been actually thinking about ordering a few of them for my mom because we are always calling her "the chicken lady". We do it because she always comes to our house to help feed our chickens and collect eggs. It's something I know she will think is cute and knows the meaning behind it. Plus it's something unique that you won't find somewhere else.

Maybe you're looking for something more traditional like a mug that just simply says "Mom" or "Grandma" well..they have those too! You can even add your own personal touch with some tea bags, flowers, you name it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is just because you're shopping for someone that's not a "Christian" it shouldn't stop you from checking out all of the awesome products at the Family Christian store and website. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at all you find! And the recipient of your gift will be thrilled to have a unique gift too.
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