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On the road with Rio 2 #Rio2Insiders

These are the faces of two happy kids thanks to our Rio 2 road trip package. There was no way they were going to fall asleep watching Rio 2 on my daughter's iPad. They were both in the back seat laughing and having such a good time they didn't even ask the age old question "Are we there yet?". And that couldn't have made this momma happier, especially on this car ride. Unfortunately for me the ride wasn't quite as entertaining. I came down with a bad case of allergies right before we left and couldn't stop sneezing and blowing my nose the entire time. But thankfully there was a little bit of saving grace in the kids Rio backpacks. I ended up using both of their packs of tissues..oops!

Along with the goodies shown in the photo above I also added a few healthy treats right before we left as well as a bottle of water and a flavor packet. It was everything the kids needed to keep themselves busy and happy while mommy sat in the front seat trying to sleep in between sneezes and sniffles. The best part about having Rio 2 on digital HD through iTunes is now I can watch the movie from the comfort of my chair at home anytime that I want.

Some of my favorite road trip tips:
• Wear comfortable clothes - especially for long trips.
• Always carry an extra blanket (or two) in the car in both the summer and winter. You never know if you'll get froze out by the driver.
• Pack a separate bag/cooler with some snacks and drinks you can reach from the front of the vehicle.
• Bring along movies and other activities to keep kids busy, it makes the time seem to go by faster when they are entertained and not focusing on how long is left to go.

Do you have any great road trip tips?

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