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Nero Kwik Media - Simple and Fun Photo Projects

Just in time for the holidays, Nero has added a new, enhanced service that will let anyone design and print beautiful custom photo books, calendars and greeting cards through its free Nero Kwik Media software.
If you’re anything like me and my family you have tons of pictures of your kids and everything they have ever done since they were born.  I want to believe someday I'll have the time to actually scrapbook some of the many, many photos I have, but in the meantime I like to be able to share our adventures with friends and a family in a quick and simple way.  I've found that photo books are a great way for me to organize trips and special events all in one place for easy sharing.

With Nero Kwik Media you download free software that you'll use to organize, edit and share your videos, photos and music.  I recently used Nero Kwik Media to make a photo book to highlight my son's elementary school activities.  Installing the software was pretty quick and easy.  Once installed, I opened the program to start my photo book. First you chose a cover, then a theme (not a lot to choose from, but I found something that would work okay).  Then you have to add photos, I had a hard time figuring this part out at first, then realized I had to click on the “hammer” button and add the folder where I keep my photos. This wasn't a really great way for me as they were in different folders. So first I made a special "Nero" folder and copied all of the photos I wanted and then added just that folder to the Nero listing.  This made it much easier to add just what I wanted. Choosing the pictures and arranging the pages was pretty straight forward.  It was easy to drag things around, move, enlarge, crop, etc. I was able to make each page look like I wanted. There are even borders and clip art designs to add, especially if you chose to create your own theme.  Overall, once I figured out how to choose the photos, it wasn't too hard to use. Once I was finished, I confirmed that everything looked the way I wanted and placed the order.
Here's what my cover looks like, it's a black leather cover with a window to see the first photo in the book.
And here's what a few of the inside pages look like. As you can see you can add text and move the photos to whatever position you like inside.

Here’s a short video that gives you some ideas of different projects you can make with Nero Kwik Media:
Be sure to check out Nero Kwik Media today. It’s free to download and there’s even a 40% special right now for all photo products.  They’d make perfect for Holiday gifts for your loved ones!
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