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Photo Puzzles by Piczzle

Piczzle Picture Puzzle service is an Internet-based sale and manufacturing service of Jigsaw Puzzles.We believe that capturing human experiences is sacred and for their memories to be fully effective and alive, they should always remain interactive.
Playing a puzzle game enables a mutually interactive personal focus on a specific moment of time while attaining the enhanced impression from the beauty of its whole and the unexpected discovery of its distinctive details.

Our objective is to bring people closer through a cooperative game while giving them the opportunity to express their creativity and feelings through pictures, colors and written text.

My actual photo.

The outside of the puzzle box.

My completed photo puzzle.

Okay, you are probably already thinking "what's so special about a puzzle of the sky"?  Well, let me tell you what.  It's MY picture of the sky!  I took this photo on a trip we took to southern Indiana last summer on vacation. When I took the photo I thought the sky looked so beautiful, I even had a few print copies made to see just how well my picture turned out.  My husband and I knew what an awesome view it was and had always thought about doing something with it.  So when I got the offer to make a photo puzzle from Piczzle for a review I was so excited.  I finally had something unique to do with my sky photo.  And let me tell you I am so pleased with the outcome.  You really have to see it for yourself to tell just how accurate and beautiful my photo is represented as a picture.  And to top it off ordering was super easy!  Just pick a puzzle size, upload your photo, and complete order! And if you so choose you can even add text or a border design to your puzzle. They even offer around and heart shaped puzzles if you're looking for something extra unique.
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