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Natural Vines Licorice

Natural Vines brand Licorice – A Healthier Indulgence
American Licorice Company Debuts All-Natural Premium Confection

For consumers who are more health-conscious and looking for products that don’t contain artificial ingredients, the American Licorice Company, one of the nation’s oldest confectionery manufacturers, has debuted the Natural Vines brand, its new line of premium gourmet licorice.  Made with only natural flavors and colors from natural sources, and sweetened with molasses and pure cane syrup, Natural Vines contain no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives, zero cholesterol, no trans fats, and are very low in sodium.

“More than ever, consumers are reading package labels and scrutinizing the ingredients in the food they’re buying for themselves and their families,” said Michael Kelly, Manager of Consumer Communications at American Licorice Company.  “We make Natural Vines with pure, simple, and wholesome ingredients to provide a healthier alternative for consumer looking for something sweet.”

The two flavors, Black and Strawberry, contain natural licorice extract and are made from a unique cooking process that delivers a soft, chewy texture and a deep, rich flavor.  The bite-sized twists have less than 17 calories each, and come in a convenient resealable bag that keeps in freshness and flavor and allows for easy portion control. 

My Take:
Do you love licorice as much as I do?  Well, then you really need to try these Natural Vines.  They are wonderful.  Well, I should say the strawberry is wonderful (in my opinion) and the black is wonderful (in my husbands opinion). I don't like black licorice, never have, probably never will.  It ranks right up there with those nasty black jelly beans!  Just not my flavor of choice.  I am a strawberry girl though, and these vines are great in strawberry. 
They have a nice smooth texture and aren't super sticky. I love that the bags are resealable, that way I can pull out a few, then leave the bag on the counter for next time.  Helps me with my portion control, which is more than I can say with my husband.  I think it took him a total of two, maybe three nights to eat his entire bag. So much for the about five servings per bag listed on the back.  I guess that just tells you how much he liked them too. 

Buy it: Natural Vines are available in select grocery stores and specialty markets. A Where to Buy Store Locator is on the Natural Vines website. They’re also available online for home or office delivery at  The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $3.49 for an 8 oz. bag.

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