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Deep River Waterpark of Indiana - Fun for all!

So we made our trek to Deep River Waterpark, and boy did we have a great time! I was even more pleased with the visit after the welcome we received into the park.  As the ticket person checked our bags, my son asked "What are they checking for knives or weapons?" Honest question from a child that's never seen this done before.  The attendant was very polite and explained to him since they are a cooler friendly park they have to check to make sure no one is bringing glass containers into the park, because of course if they were broken someone could step on it and get hurt.  I was very impressed on how the young man handled the question and explanation to my kids.  It was nice to see him take that extra bit of time instead of just hurrying us through.  My next big WOW was the kids play areas. They actually had an area with sand and a separate water park just for the little kiddos! You can see some of those pictures above and below:

It was only a mater of oh, seconds before my daughter was rushing to get into the kids play area, up the steps and down the slide. I was very impressed how they had a lifeguard stationed at the bottom between the two slides, always on the watch to make sure all the kids were playing safely, and made it out of the slide okay.


One time she was so quick this guy got a surprise when she popped out instead of his kid, LOL!

My son was to big to use the actual play area equipment, but they still allowed him to play in the water with his sister, so that was nice.

So everyone's favorite water ride was as my daughter called it "the bowl". It took some time to actually get our two person floats to go down the slide, but once we had them we were up the stairs pretty quickly.  Down the slide, and around and around the bowl until we reached the center and out the bottom slide.  It was awesome!  And when you it the bottom you could get out and go another round, or stay your course on a rapids style lazy river.  We actually did both a few times we had so much fun.

The other big hit was the play center of slides.  I'm not big on raft free slides so I took the opportunity to snap some great shots of everyone else having fun.

It's hard to tell, but that's my family at the top preparing to go down the slide in the first photo.  The second is my daughter after she had "informed" us she was going down the slide a second time whether anyone was coming with her or not.

And these of course are the photos of them after they hit the bottom of the slide.  Sorry but a face full of water is just not fun to me! But they must have really enjoyed it as they all went back up and did it again.

And finally the little miss chillin' in her beach chair.  Yes her eyes are closed, it was a very nice and sunny day and she couldn't keep her eyes open looking at me with all the brightness.

There are so many great attractions at Deep River Waterpark, I could have posted tons of great photos about all the fun we had. I just wanted to give you a small taste of it so it would leave you craving more! Slides, wave pool, place to eat, and you can bring your own coolers!

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