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Droid X2 vs. iPhone 4 - A Comparison

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between an Android based phone and the iPhone?  We'll after reading my post hopefully you'll have a little better idea.  If you've read my previous posts then you know I've been testing out some awesome Verizon phones.  The latest I've had the opportunity to review is the Droid X2 and the iPhone 4 (which I am now an owner of).

The biggest difference between the DROID X2 by MOTOROLA (and other Droid phones) and the Apple iPhone 4 of course is the operating system.  Droid phones all use the Android operating system for their apps and iPhones use Apple iTunes.  Both are great operating systems and each have their own sets of games and various apps.  Of course since iTunes has been around so much longer it has a larger selection. I personally like iTunes better because it's so easy to navigate and sync to not just your iPhone, but other Apple products also.  

Another difference is that the iPhone doesn't have removable memory.  I thought this would be a downside, but haven't found any real reasons to actually need it. Since pretty much all cell phones come with USB cables now it's much easier to just plug them into your computer rather than have to remove a micro-SD card and have to insert it into an adapter before being able to insert it into your computer. I did like however that the Droid phones have their removable media inside the phone behind the battery.  My previous phone had it on the side, and if I bumped the phone too hard (or dropped it) then my background image would reset since it was saved to the SD card.

Both phones feature the swipe screen technology and tap to type keyboards. However the Droid based phones that I have reviewed have a really great keyboard feature where you can talk and it will type out your text for you built right into the keyboard.  This is an awesome feature, and really works great.  You can download an app for the iPhone, but it's just not as simple and easy to use.  Honestly you'd think Apple would have such a simple feature as part of the keyboard a standard. On the lines of texting I really like how the Droid shows you multiple spelling options for big words as you type them, it's great being able to just tap the word you want part way through typing.  The iPhone however doesn't always offer a good suggestion, and sometimes changes your word when you don't want it to. I do like how the conversations are organized and easy to follow with the iPhone.

Like most phones both of these have cameras.  The Droid phone has a higher resolution, and much better photo features. Once again a surprise with the technology that Apple is supposed to have. And like with texting "there's an app for that". You can download image editing apps, and even apps that allow you to turn your photos into a slideshow right on your iPhone. Then you can share them on places like Facebook or via email. Both have a flash, actually the Droid has what looks like a double flash, it's really bright and takes great pictures in a darker room. The iPhone doesn't have as high of a resolution as the Droid X2 or many other Droid phones so if you really need a phone with a high quality camera you might want to steer towards a Droid.  I personally carry my digital camera in my purse so having a camera on my phone is just something I use to message people a quick photo, or to share on Facebook, so it works just fine for me with the iPhone.

Email is pretty much universal between the two phone types. You can either use the pre-installed email software, or download an email app for your particular email provider.  Really depends on your format preference. I like the pre-installed version on the Droid better, and prefer an app for my provider on the iPhone.

Really when it comes down to it, the phones are different, yet similar in many ways.  It's all a matter of preference.  I really liked some of the options on the Droid phone better (like the talk to text, and keyboard suggestions for words), but I like the way the iPhone organizes the apps and just works over all. 

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