Stacy Tilton Reviews: Penelope and Friends from A.C. Moore #SquadGoals

Friday, January 27

Penelope and Friends from A.C. Moore #SquadGoals

My daughter has several dolls in her bedroom. Some she plays with often, and others sit up on a shelf never to be touched. I haven't quite figured out what makes her decide they are collectibles not to be played with, but I think it's kind of neat for a girl her age. She even has one she tells me that will be given to her daughter when she's old enough to understand it's not a toy, it's for safe keeping. At the present time we are still in the "deciding phase" on if her new Samantha doll will be taken out of the box or not. Every time she looks at her doll she says she just can't decide. The doll looks a lot like my daughter all the way down to the t-shirt with glasses. She even loves animals just like my daughter does! I think she's trying to decide if she should keep her in the box because it looks so much like her.

I think it's neat that A.C. Moore came out with a line of dolls all with their own special little story and personalities. Below you can see all four of the dolls and there individual "about me" stories.

Last month A.C. Moore introduced its new doll line -- Penelope and Friends. Penelope, Ava, Elena and Samantha are the ultimate girl squad, each smart, courageous and fun with their own style and personality. Give one or all four as a gift -- one unique, together complete.

Penelope: The Artsy one
Ava: The Techie
Elena: The Helping Hand
Samantha: The Animal Lover

And since the dolls come in a cute red box they would even be really cool to give as a Valentine's Day gift too!

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  1. This looks like a very nice dolls. I like how it comes in different ethnicities. I think they look high quality and the outfits are cute.

    ellen beck

  2. I purchased the Samantha doll. Soon after the leg broke off at the joint. I was able to return the doll to A.C. Moore for a replacement. Soon after that doll's leg & head broke off. I tried a third replacement but the same thing happened! The leg joint is very hard to move to a sitting position. Although I really like the doll in appearance & the fact she does not have a cloth body, I do not recommend this doll.3 dolls broke because of the same problem

  3. Same here. Had to return it three times because the leg broke off. Better off w the target doll

  4. Same here, my little girl got her for Christmas and her leg and arm broke off. I can't return her because I didn't keep the box. Do NOT buy!!

  5. Ok so I take it that if I'm looking for a cheap doll to use to make a custom doll and all I need is the head/limbs and I'm going to be creating a soft body for it, than this is ideal because it pops apart pretty easily? LOL, I'm actually not kidding. But I've been looking for parts to make a doll all over the internet and I'm guessing this is probably cheaper than buying all the stuff separate.

  6. The first doll the arm and leg broke off. My husband tried fixing it which didn't work. We exchanged the doll for a new one and that night the arm broke off the new doll!

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