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My AcuRite Smart Home Environmental Monitoring System

I've been using products from the AcuRite Smart Home Environmental Monitoring System for awhile now and so far I can say all is going well. I am for once happy to say I "don't know" how they all work so to speak as I've not yet had any issues to cause them to go off. With the system I'm using I have the smartHUB that allows me to track everything on my phone even when I'm not at home. As for the actual things I'm tracking I'm using these products:

Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Monitor
Room Monitor
Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Liquid & Soil Temperature Sensor
Water Detector

I am able to use the outdoor monitor or room monitor in conjunction with either the liquid/soil sensor or the water detector. This is nice having them interchangeable because I can monitor different things at different times of the year if I want without having to buy new units. I am really liking the Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor right now because I have it hanging inside our house to monitor the humidity. We heat with a wood stove and sometimes that can cause our home humidity level to get really low. This can actually be just as bad as it being too humid in your house. With the app on my phone I'm able to actually tell it to notify me if it falls below a certain humidity level. Then I know it's time to get the humidifier going to level things back out. Truly there are so many great uses for these products I could just go on and on. I love having the peace of mind knowing that if our water heater ever leaked I would know immediately via a notification through my phone app.

My AcuRite Benefits
• Minimize potential for water damage with water leak detection
• Monitor air quality to prevent mold and allergens with high indoor temperature and humidity alerts
• Protect musical instruments and collectibles with low indoor humidity alerts
• Prevent frozen pipes with low temperature alerts
• Prevent flood damage with excessive rainfall alerts
• Prevent wind-related damage with high wind alerts
• Properly water lawn, flowers and garden with rainfall tracking
• Know the best time to plant with soil temperature monitoring
• Prevent frost damage to plants with low outdoor temperature alerts
• Remotely monitor pool, hot tub, pond, fountain and aquarium temperature
• Ensure ideal sleeping conditions for bedrooms and nurseries
• Save on energy costs by making sure heating and cooling systems are operating efficiently, and checking for drafts and leaks
• Plan outdoor activities with reliable weather forecasts and conditions measured right in a user’s back yard

All New My AcuRite Features
• Customizable alerts include email and phone notifications about conditions you want to track
• Ability to connect up to 10 indoor and outdoor monitoring sensors
• Compatible with a full range of environmental sensors, including water leak detectors and liquid and soil temperature sensors
• Expandable to track additional locations or properties
• Current conditions dashboard with 12-hour trend charts
• Charting and graphing of historical data for analysis and download
• My AcuRite mobile apps for Android and iPhone
• Integrated five (5) day and 36-hour weather forecast
• Share home conditions to keep family, friends and even neighbors informed
• Rapid Fire updates to Weather Underground

“My AcuRite goes beyond a weather app or the Internet of Things, it’s about connecting consumers with useful data from AcuRite products and services,” said Larry Meadows, director of platform solutions at AcuRite. “With My AcuRite, information is presented to users in a meaningful way, through their chosen channel, and ultimately gives them the power to make educated decisions and take action in and around their homes.”

My AcuRite environment systems start at $119.99 MRSP and are available on and The My AcuRite smartphone app will be available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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