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You got a pet now what?

One of the first things one has to tackle as a new pet owner is usually training them on potty time. Cats are usually quite easy because they are born with the natural instinct to go potty in a litter box! Hallelujah for that because I could only imagine how hard it would be otherwise. Yes there are some cats that do struggle with learning this but thankfully there are products to help encourage them along like Fresh Step Litter Box Attractant. For those that already have the process down all you need to do is set up your litter box, insert a litter box liner, fill with litter and then sprinkle on some odor eliminating powder (just to be safe). I've been using the Fresh Step Odor Eliminating Powder with our two cats and I have to say I love it. When I walk past the box I actually have to look down at it now to see if there's anything in it because I don't smell it like I used to a mile away.

Did you know puppy training pads aren't just good for helping to potty train your pup? They are also great for lining the bottom of a kennel for baby kittens. When we were fostering and we first got the kittens they were too small (3 weeks) to know about going in a litter box and without a mamma cat to help them learn the training pads came in super handy. They helped keep the bottom of the kennel dry if they had accidents there instead of in a litter box. The Fresh Step Litter Box Attractant actually came in quite handy for them too. Of course puppy training pads are also great if you're training a new pup where the door is that he/she is supposed to go to when it's time to go outside. Sometimes they don't get there quite as soon as they should and those pads sure do come in handy.

One thing I love that they have for when you're taking your pup to the park are the mini rolls of waste bags. It's so much more convenient to carry a roll of them in your bag then plastic bags from the grocery store. I can't even count all the times I thought I had a bag only to open it up and realize there was a hole in it! Grocery store bags seem to be getting thinner every time I go to the store. That's why I choose to use my own bags, I just don't trust them to get my groceries to the car and then into my house. And I'm for sure not going to trust them to keep poo in them either!

Buy it:
• Fresh Step Litter Maintenance & Accessories (available at Meijer and Stop & Shop)
• Glad Waste Management Products (available at Meijer)

Every dog loves to be rewarded for their good behavior. It's one of the many ways they are like kids I often think. "I was good so what do I get now?" With TurboPUP snacks you'll be your dogs hero when it comes to reward time. They are a super-food snack which means they are packed with large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals. All of the thing that will help your pup live a longer and healthier life. TurboPUP Super Food Snacks are available at Kroger.

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