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Friday, August 17

Go Organically Literacy Program Sweepstakes

As parents, we know that instilling a love of reading in our kids is one of the most important things we can do. Reading exercises the brain, improves concentration, reduces stress, sparks imagination and even helps develop empathy. Plus, it can become a lifelong habit that provides a whole lot of FUN for your family.

Start Early
Research shows that it’s never too early to start enjoying books with your little one. Reading aloud to your newborn is a great way to introduce words while soothing baby with the sound of your voice. Older babies will start to associate words and sounds with pictures, getting them on the path to reading right from the start. Plus cuddling up with a book is the perfect way to bond!

Ready, Set, Reward
Try using a reading log or reward chart to encourage older kids who are starting to read on their own. Jot down the title of each book they read, or tally the number of pages and celebrate with an ice cream cone or a family picnic when they reach a predetermined total. Stickers work great, too! Some schools host reading challenges of their own, and most local libraries offer summer reading programs with a similar reward system.

Seek Out Literary Events
Make reading part of your family’s everyday entertainment by attending kid-friendly events. Hit up story time at your local library, or go to an author signing at your neighborhood bookstore. Shop your school’s book fair together or visit a used bookstore to hunt for forgotten treasures as a family. The idea is to associate books with fun memories and quality time.

Take a Listen
Audiobooks are gaining in popularity—and for good reason! They’re made for multitasking by allowing you to get immersed in a story while you’re otherwise occupied with household tasks like cooking or cleaning. They’re also great for road trips! Get invested in a classic as a family by listening to a family-friendly title in regular installments. Try an app or subscription service, or even borrow books on CD from your local library.

Follow Their Interests
Although you might be tempted to steer your kids towards educational books, let them choose subjects that capture their imagination. By encouraging your child’s passions—whether it’s superheroes, animals or even their favorite animated character—they’ll be more likely to stick to the habit of reading and eventually expand to other subject areas.

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Thursday, August 16

Summer Crafting with MindWare

My daughter likes to pick wildflowers from our yard but I can't ever find the right sized vase to put them in. They are all just too tall and the flowers are just too short. So I end up using a coffee mug because it's the only thing that's short enough for them to reach the water and still be seen. That was until we stumbled upon this Paint Your Own Porcelain Vases kit. The vases are all 5" tall which is the perfect size for the wildflowers she picks for me. Plus since the set just so happened to come with three vases we decided it would be nice to give one to each of her grandmas so they too could have a place to put those little flowers too. Of course that would mean she would have to sit down long enough to finish them all. She hasn't been too good at that lately with all the activities we had going on this summer. Hopefully with school back in session she will finally be able to sit down and do it now.

Something else she's been working on this summer are some DIY projects for her cats. She has completed a few more of these than she has the vases though. Of course being for the cats she's a little more motivated I think. She's made some treats from scratch and made some cat toys.

She even played a few games of "find the treats" with her cats using these cute little cups and some treats she made for them. And proudly showed off one of the toys she made for her buddy Firestar. She made them a couple catnip filled fish too, but apparently they ran off with them when she left them unattended on her desk overnight because they've been MIA ever since. I guess that means she did a good job right?

You can find these and lots of other fun crafting sets on the MindWare website.

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