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Saturday, February 17

5 Non-Candy Easter Gifts for Kids & Giveaway - Ends 3/3

Every year we have the same dilemma...what to buy the kids for Easter. While there are many different types of Easter Candy available (all that are very delicious) I always like to have a few non-candy gifts to add to the kids Easter Baskets. SmitCo sells a ton of products for kids. So I wanted to highlight a few of their kid jewelry options they have available so you can add a few non- candy gifts to your Easter Baskets. They also have fun journals available too!

This set is made of strong elastic with small and light beads that will fit easily over the heads of kids. Most girls love jewelry so go ahead make her day with this fun non-toxic wooden bead set for kids 2 through 8 year old! (Look for the $1 off coupon)

The necklace and bracelet costume jewelry sets are easy to put on and remove by children because of the elastic and no clasps to fasten which makes it great dress up or play jewelry for girls when they need to change their accessories.

This set is super cute and made of strong elastic with small and light beads fitting for kids.


Unlike some other earrings that will make your little girl's ears become infected, this set is nickel and lead free. which means it is HYPOALLERGENIC and safe for little ears of toddlers and kids. The earrings measure 1/2 inch in length and they are adorable!

Most girls love jewelry so go ahead make her day with this fun non-toxic wooden bead set for kids 2 through 8 years old!

The more you buy, the more you save! Check out these coupons available:
  • Save 15% each on bow jewelry set for little girls offered by SmitCo LLC when you purchase 3 or more. Enter code EH3U3P8U at checkout.
  • Save 10% each on Bow Jewelry Set For Little Girls offered by SmitCo LLC when you purchase 2 or more. Enter code S9WCJWH3 at checkout.
Candy is always part of Easter baskets but if you need a few non candy gift ideas for Easter baskets, you know they will love jewelry. Plus everything is right around $10!

Giveaway Details:
  • Ends March 3, 2018 at 1159pm EST
  • US Residents Only

Friday, February 16

Sheepskin Clog Slippers from Therafit

In the winter months I am never found without a pair of slippers on. If my feet get cold the rest of me gets cold. So that means I have to have good quality slippers since I'm wearing them every day at home. When you step into a pair of Therafit Sheepskin Clog Slippers that comfort is there every time. Oh my are they soft and comfortable. If you could walk on a cloud I bet this is what it would feel like. The shearling sheepskin uppers combined with the fur lining is a magical combination that keeps your feet warm and cozy all day long. They have indoor/outdoor soles so you can even wear them if you need to step outside to take the pup potty. Heck I wear mine when I’m running my daughter to school in the mornings. They keep my feet warm even in the 20 degree temps. They have removable cushioned insoles so you can even wear them if you have on thick socks. Sometimes after I’ve taken a shower my feet are really cold so I wear the fuzzy socks, all I have to do is slip out the insoles and the slippers still fit me perfectly and my feet don’t get too hot that they sweat. As an at home mom I have been actually wearing this pair more like an all day shoe. They are more comfortable then most of my slip on shoes, and they don’t make my feet or back hurt after a long day of house cleaning either!

This particular style comes in black and chestnut. They also have them in a wool material if you’re not partial to the fur lining like I am. I picked black clogs since we have dark haired pets and I didn’t want their fur to stand out on the chestnut ones. For some reason they like to lay on my feet when I’m sitting in my chair. I guess the added fur is just added warmth right?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of the above mentioned brand. I received product(s) in exchange for my honest and unbiased thoughts. All thoughts and opinions stated are my own and are in no way influenced by my partnership with mentioned brands.