Stacy Talks & Reviews: The buyer’s journey through the 5 stages in b2b marketing funnel

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The buyer’s journey through the 5 stages in b2b marketing funnel

 Ever wonder how a client goes through the b2b funnel steps and ends up being the dedicated customer? It starts with the work of the marketing team of an organization. A cylindrical-shaped funnel does greater work than just filtering out the audience. It shapes the passage in which worthy people stay till the end. It paves the way for the company through sales growth and benefits the users with good services or a product they need.

First stage: Awareness through content marketing

The journey begins from the awareness stage through the advertisement. In the sales pipeline, this is the most important stage as it shows the results of the promotion. The firm can check the numerical data that how many people are interested in their product, and how many of them clicked on the ad and are checking out the brand. In b2b sales and marketing funnel it is significant to exhibit your service in the best way possible since it will determine the next b2b funnel steps. 

The second stage of sales pipeline: Interest 

In the b2b funnel steps, the interesting part also means building a relationship with the visitors. The individuals who are visiting your site or blog are attracted to your product if they keep clicking on it. The next mission of the business corporation is to establish the connection by showing them the advantages of using your service. The content that you post should prove that it will solve the queries of the clients. 

The Estimate point

In the b2b sales pipeline, evaluation is the crucial time when the company starts to engage with the customers directly. In the communication part, the company should sow the concern that the buyer’s needs and worries are important. The firm has to assure the other party that they can solve the problems by using the brand’s product. Most companies use email as their communication channel but chats support also works well.

The Convincing part

The fourth stage separates the buyers from the local audience. The client is already involved in the product or services of your brand. After going through the previous sectors they are ready to make a move. The sales team is aware of the behavior of people as they already talked to them. The company is 50% sure at this point if the person is serious about buying. The question arises, how to engage the buyer from here, and the solution is to provide a free trial or discount of your service.  

The agreement

A buyer decides to purchase the service at the final stage as one is already convinced with the product. The people at the last point are no longer part of the funnel. They are the customers with expectations. The process at this stage works out quickly as the client makes the purchase. However, the company should continue giving importance and advertisement towards the buyers of the specific service. To keep the customer engaged with the brand can offer them different sorts of things as a bonus for the subscription. 


The marketing funnel guides a customer in the buyer journey by brand awareness through advertisement to the purchasing stage.

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