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Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls as Unique as They are!

If you have, had, or even just been around a five-year-old girl very long you know how hard it is for them to stay still even for a few minutes. They are either already on the go or ready to go at any given second. Little girls like to create, climb, jump, and explore the world all around them. And as parents, caregivers, teachers and beyond it's our responsibility to help them do all those things and more!

One way we can do that is through gifts from places like Wicked Uncle. Wicked Uncle has the biggest selection of truly unique gifts for kids of all ages. Kids need fun gifts that are as unique as their dreams and adventures. Because let's be honest a five year old little girl already has quite the imagination. I know when my daughter was five she was so creative in how she dressed, played, and just lived her life every day. And as a mom I did everything I could to encourage that creativity. Including buying her unique gifts that helped her explore all sorts of wonderful things.

Below you will find some of the basic gifting categories when it comes to girls in this age bracket.

  • Books
  • Indoor Toys
  • Outdoor Toys
  • Games & Puzzles
  • Technology
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Educational
  • Building
  • Movies

WOW just the basics seems like a lot doesn't it? Gifting ideas that you've been familiar with for so long and probably taken for granted because they just pop in your head automatically when shopping. So how about we talk about some unique gifting ideas that you probably haven't thought about yet.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite picks of the best unique gifts for five year old girls below.

Unicorn Color Changing Umbrella
Be amazed by this magical umbrella as the colors change in the rain.

Fart Book - Animals Scratch 'n' Sniff
Brilliant fun scratch 'n' sniff boardbook to reveal the funny smell of animals' farts!

Unicorn Squeeze Popper - Soft Foam Balls
This pretty Unicorn can shoot - put a small foam ball in her nose and squeeze her tummy to fire.

My Very Own Rainbow
This fun light projector uses multi colored LEDs to display rainbow colors on walls and ceilings in a darkened room.

Smart Pen - Fun Interactive Learning Set
This smart and interactive game of matching, counting and spelling uses a glow up Smart Pen to help you learn the fun way. 

Glow Sketch Pillowcase - Draw & Doodle
Smart interactive pillowcase that you draw on with UV light - make cool designs that glow in the dark!

These are just a few of the many, many unique ideas out there that stood out to me. You can find these and so many more unique gifts while shopping Wicked Uncle.

I'm sure you're already amazed at just how many great gifts there are for five year old girls that will help keep them busy and some that will help them learn something too. With so many gift ideas for all the various occasions that pop up through out the year you should easily be able to find one something will be a big hit the next time you need a gift fit for that special little girl.

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