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Tips for Getting Quality Sleep

Have you ever found yourself wondering "How Can I Get Quality Sleep?". As someone that depends on quality sleep to keep painful migraines away I sure have. Over the years of battling migraines triggered by poor sleep I've actually learned quite a bit about what actually helps when it comes to getting quality sleep.

Below are some of the things I've tried and have proven to be successful (at least for me) when it comes to getting quality sleep that in turn has helped me avoid triggered migraines.

Establish a Before Bed Time Routine

Establishing a before bed time routine is something that will vary person to person. Some may read to winddown before bed, while others may watch TV. Just like some enjoy a soothing bath/shower before bed while others find that it's something that actually wakes them up. 

Your bedtime routine should be whatever you find that relaxes you personally, not what a study or any other person says. I say this because a game or two on my phone instantly makes me drowsy when I'm laying in bed. And as I'm sure you know studies say phones in bed are a big no-no. Do what works for YOU.

Setting a Consistent Bed Time

It may seem like something small, or even silly to mention but for me it's a BIG deal. Setting a timeframe to be in bed every night and sticking to it was a game changing moment for me. Not only did it help me with getting the number of hours of sleep in every night I wanted, it also helped me feel better come morning when it was time to wake up. Mayo clinic suggests you set aside no more than eight hours for sleep.

And once my body was "trained" I actually started getting very drowsy around that time at night and started waking up about the same time every day.

Create the Bed You've Always Dreamed of

Probably the biggest game changer for both myself and my husband was when we switched from a king mattress to two twin XL mattresses. We have two very different sleep styles and trying to sleep on a mattress that we compromised on and sharing bedding we also compromised on just wasn't worth what it was doing to our quality of sleep. It was something we discussed quite a bit because we didn't exactly like the idea of having separate beds so to speak. But in the long run we have realized it was the best decision we ever made. Our mattresses are pushed together and are still the equivalent of a king sized bed, but we now have the flexibility that only two separate mattresses could offer. This allows both of us to have a mattress that fits the material and firmness we each like. It also allows my husband to sleep on cooling sheets year round while I change mine based on the season. In the beginning it was a little pricey to get what we needed for individual beds, but I knew it was going to be worth it. Using the best GhostBed coupons I found online did help keep cost down with their awesome bundles.

As part of creating our dream beds we also invested in weighted blankets that are tailored to our body sizes. If you've never tried one I would highly recommend you do. I was shocked at how good it felt sleeping under a weighted blanket. It's like a gentle hug all night long :-)

Make Your Bedroom a Stress Free Zone

If you're bedroom is filled with chaos and stress that's the mood you're going to head to bed with at night. Make the atmosphere of your bedroom a high priority. If that means keeping the floor dirty clothes free and bed made when you get up then do it. Don't just think about it, then regret you didn't when you head to bed at night. Your slumber space needs to put you in the mood to relax for a restful sleep. For us that meant having separate sides of the room. My side is clean and tidy and that's what I see when I lay down. I don't even look at the floor on my husbands side of the room because I know it can be a stress trigger.

In conclusion DO WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU! 

You can literally find and read through hundreds of studies and tips online about getting quality sleep, but the one and only thing that really matters at the end of the day is doing what's best for YOU. You're sleep style is uniquely your own. Once you figure out what that is and work to make it a daily part of you're life you'll start to reap the rewards of getting quality sleep every night.

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