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Keep Calm and Color on!

With the world as it is, and the holidays coming fast stress for many is at an all time high. For me my go to stress reliever and ultimate way to calm down is through adult coloring books. There's just something about it that brings back childhood memories of simpler times and the stress just seems to melt away. Even if only for a brief time, it's so worth it.

There are literally thousands of options when it comes to coloring books so there's sure to be something that will peak everyone's interests. Below I've highlighted just a few of the many options out there. From basic to complex you'll be able to start exploring the perfect coloring book to melt away your stressors too!

ColorMaps™ activity books are the hot new way to enjoy adult coloring without the mental stress and strain of selecting colors and deciding where to put them. With the ColorMaps™ series, you will create beautiful masterpieces in only three steps: 1) pick a design, 2) match your pencils, 3) follow the map to fill-in with color. It’s that easy!

Unlike traditional “by-number” products, the ColorMaps™ series features coordinated colored line and numbered patterns to help you create with ease. No more guessing, squinting, and stressing. And, the best part? No more ugly black numbers and lines showing through to the finished art!

Always Love Myself As I Am Positive Affirmations to Encourage Self-love: A Self-Esteem and Relaxation Coloring book is a coloring book full of positive affirmations on floral designs to color. Every other page features intricate floral patterns, and words that nurture self-love. Every other page is intentionally left black to avoid bleed through. Colorist will find moments to escape and relax as they color the detail floral designs and uplifting words.

In the 1960s, Price Stern Sloan published what was probably the first coloring book for adults as well as kids. Designs to Color was created by Betty Schaffner who believed that people of all ages had an innate imagination and artistic talent that conventional coloring books failed to spark and nurture. Her varied line drawings, sometimes abstract and sometimes recognizable - flowers, faces, animals - will lead any "color-er" into winding paths and jungles of form and into their own worlds of imagination.

Jade Summer is one of the premier coloring book brands and a frequent best-seller on Amazon. Explore the entire Jade Summer collection of 100+ coloring books and find a great book for your next coloring adventure.  As a Jade Summer fan, you have access to books in a variety of popular themes, including animals, mandalas, fantasy, inspirational, and many more!

MantraCraft creates a wide range of coloring books that help you relax, unwind, and express your creativity. MantraCraft coloring books are loved by coloring book enthusiasts and they are frequent best-sellers. Explore the entire MantraCraft Coloring Books Series including Stress Relieving Animal Designs, 100 Flower Designs, 100 Mandalas, Exotic Animals, Landscapes, Fairy Tales, Symphony- A Music Lovers' Coloring Book, Adorable Cats, Dogs - Best Companions, Tattoos, Sugar Skulls, Hummingbirds

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