Stacy Talks & Reviews: Tips To Add Shine to Dull-Looking Hair in Your Middle Age

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Tips To Add Shine to Dull-Looking Hair in Your Middle Age

We can all agree that lackluster locks are not hair goals. As you age, you may notice your hair becoming increasingly dull in appearance. If your mane is regularly dull, it’s time to reevaluate your hair-care practices and determine the root-cause of what is stealing your shine. Don’t lose hope, with a few tweaks to your hair-care routine it is possible to revive and repair dull hair. Continue reading for the best tips to add shine to dull-looking hair and boost your tresses’ glossiness.

What is Dull Hair?

Rather than looking shiny and reflective, dull hair is matte in texture. Dull hair often lacks moisture, shine and body. Dull tresses may feel course and appear frizzy. The hair cuticle looks like shingles or roof tiles overlapping. The best position for reflecting light is when those shingles lie smooth and flat. Damaged hair cuticles lift, rather than lie flat, which contributes to dullness. There are several culprits of lackluster hair including improper hair-care practices, excessive heat exposure, a poor diet, using too much product and environmental conditions. 

Tips to Add Shine to Dull-Looking Hair in Your Middle Age

It’s not too late to have glossy, reflective strands. Below you will find several tips to rehab your hair back to its shiny self.

1. Limit Heat Exposure

Heat-styling can dull your hair’s natural shine. Hot tools, such as flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers strip your hair of its natural oils and proteins by breaking down its hydrogen bonds. The regular use of hot tools will remove too much natural oil from the hair and may leave strands dull and dry. It is best to limit your use of hot tools whenever possible. Instead, embrace your natural texture and give no-heat hairstyles a go. 
In addition to hot tools, excessive sun exposure can fade your hair's color and shine. UV rays cause the cuticle to open, which allows moisture to escape from your strands. UV rays also break down your hair’s pigment, contributing to color loss. For your next day in the sun, consider wearing a hat or using an SPF product, rich in antioxidants, that will seal your cuticles.

2. Use a Clarifying Shampoo

Using a clarifying shampoo a few times a month can revitalize and replenish shine in dull hair. Oil, dirt, hard water residue and hair products can buildup on the scalp, making the hair appear flat and weighed down. Scalp buildup can block the natural flow of oils to the hair shaft, which causes the hair to look dull and lifeless. Clarifying treatments will unclog hair follicles and help your hair derive the proper nutrients it needs to thrive.

Consider trying an at-home clarifying remedy with apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is known to balance the hair’s pH level and help the cuticle remain flat. Dilute ACV with water and rinse your hair with the solution after your regular shampoo. 

3. Clean Up Your Diet

Eat your way to healthy hair! Frizzy, dull locks are often a reflection of an imbalanced diet. An excessive consumption of carbs and sugar contributes to poor hair health. Improve your hair from the inside out by consuming a colorful diet, packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, iron, zinc, collagen and omega-3s all support healthy, shiny hair. Superfoods like avocados, salmon, carrots and spinach will boost your mane’s shine. You may also consider taking a daily supplement, like the one from Better Not Younger, to support strong roots and a beautiful shine.

In addition to a nutritious diet, it is important to drink enough water to keep your hair hydrated. Water is a key source of minerals, which are essential nutrients for overall hair health. Observe the recommended daily intake of water to promote smooth and shiny strands.

4. Find a Good Serum

A hair serum will help reintroduce moisture and shine to your hair. A natural, lightweight formula will boost your strands without leaving them feeling heavy. Serums reduce tangles and serve as a protective layer from dust and humidity. Keep an eye out for shine-enhancing serums with argan oil, ginger oil and rice bran oil.

5. Invest in the Right Brush (or Comb)

If done correctly, brushing can ensure products and natural oils are distributed properly from root to tip. It can be useful to begin your detangling routine with a wide-tooth comb. A wide-tooth comb has wider spaces between the teeth to lessen hair breakage during the detangling process. It is gentle on the hair and provides less friction than a normal comb. Next, reach for your boar-bristle brush to help spread natural oils from your scalp to your ends. The right detangling technique will help your strands preserve their shine.


You don’t have to settle for dull, lifeless locks in your middle age. From ditching the hot tools to prioritizing a healthy diet and using the right products, you can achieve shiny, luscious locks for the many years to come.

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