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Innovative Cannabis Products Pushing the Industry Into the Future

Cannabis is one of the world’s oldest domesticated plants — and yet the cannabis industry in the United States is essentially brand new. As more states loosen their cannabis regulations and permit the sale of various cannabis products to qualified adults, cannabis entrepreneurs and enthusiasts are working feverishly to capitalize on growing interest in the sticky, green herb. Consequently, impressive amounts of innovation have occurred in the cannabis field — and many of these new cannabis technologies are all but certain to change the course of the industry as it progresses.
The Armoire — A discreet and stylish indoor growing solution
In most places where recreational cannabis consumption is legal, home cultivation of small cannabis crops is also usually permitted — with some caveats. Only qualified adults or medical marijuana cardholders can grow from home, and most states limit home cannabis gardening to between three and 12 plants, only some of which may be flowering at once. Most importantly, most states mandate that at-home cannabis cultivation take place in highly restricted areas, which often means indoors, behind locked doors and away from windows. Yet, following all these rules can make it difficult to raise a healthy cannabis crop and achieve a high yield come harvest.
Enter: the Armoire. This attractive piece of furniture has everything a home cannabis cultivator needs to optimize growth. Not only does the Armoire boast built-in UV grow lights, temperature regulation and soil moisture monitoring, all of which ensure fast, natural growth, but perhaps most importantly, the Armoire closes and locks, making it a subtle and secure solution for growing indoors, even around pets and children. Gone are the days when at-home cultivation required an entire garage; now, anyone can have fresh, reliable bud without disrupting their home décor.

Ethanol has traditionally been less popular than hydrocarbon extraction, but it remains a strong contender on account of a few key benefits.

Ethanol reduces the need for winterization and de-waxing. Because ethanol is a polar solvent, it can get the job done with fewer plant lipids being extracted, and so there’s less of a need to remove those lipids during post-processing—particularly if you opt for cold ethanol extraction. Warm ethanol extraction may still necessitate winterization since the added heat can separate fats and waxes from the plant along with the cannabinoids.

G Pen Connect — A flameless dabbing tool
If smoking a joint is like driving a car, dabbing is like riding a rocket to the moon. Cannabis concentrates like shatter, wax, budder and the rest have exceedingly high levels of THC, which means dabbing is only appropriate for cannabis connoisseurs who have developed a high tolerance to cannabinoids. Yet, even experienced dabbers typically aren’t excited about the process of dabbing; dab rigs are fragile and dangerous considering their materials and the high temperatures required to vaporize dabs.

Enter: the G Pen Connect. This tool connects to any glass-on-glass water piece and heats up using a ceramic heating element. The result is a flameless solution for creating high-density vapor — a complete replacement for torch and nail. No longer does the dabber need to worry about burning themselves or breaking their rig, as long as the G Pen Connect is charged and ready.

ALT — A futuristic cannabis edible

Adults 21 and up can buy edibles from essentially every Illinois dispensary, but most consumers are limited in their options. It is possible to DIY edibles from home, but the process of infusing oils or alcohols is time-consuming and feels wasteful. Plus, unless home edible makers are true experts, the food or drink always ends up tasting just a little too much like skunky weed.

Enter: ALT. ALT stands for Advanced Liquid Technology — and the name is definitely fitting. This product is an odorless, colorless, flavorless way to dose any drink with THC, transforming a regular beverage into an edible in a matter of seconds. Each vial of ALT is graded, making dosing remarkably simple, and the vials are small enough to fit into a pocket or purse with ease, so users can even dose their drinks while out on the town. Currently, ALT is only available in California, but this revolutionary product is sure to spread to other states soon.

Eaze — A P2P cannabis delivery system
The COVID-19 pandemic was undeniably a tragedy — but it did push positive developments in the cannabis industry. Before 2020, most states prohibited at-home cannabis delivery, but the sudden need for contactless transactions encouraged many state lawmakers to loosen these rules and permit delivery services from licensed dispensaries. The only problem is that many dispensaries lacked the infrastructure to provide delivery services.

Enter: Eaze. This cannabis ordering platform makes it incredibly easy for consumers to find nearby dispensaries, view products and make orders, which are promptly delivered to their locations by friendly drivers. The system streamlines the process of checking ID, so dispensaries don’t need to worry about getting into legal trouble for selling to unqualified customers. Though Eaze isn’t the only cannabis delivery service on the market, it is inarguably the most robust solution and thus the most likely to find success in every state.
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