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Display your flag with pride day and night

When it comes to displaying a flag outside of your home you want to do it with pride. And that not only means hanging it in a good area where it can be well seen and kept up off the group. It also means using proper lighting so it can be seen day or night.

With a Vont Solar Flag Pole Light you can do just that. The light is solar so it charges through out the day and has an automatic daylight sensor so your flag will be visible even when the sun goes down. No having to remember to turn on an outside light at night or taking your flag down at sunset. The Vont Solar Flag Pole Light automatically turns on at night and turns off when daylight returns. Never worry about a dimly lit or unrecognizable flag again. With wireless installation you can install this flagpole light by yourself. No tools required and you’ll be done in under 1 minute.

I for one was astonished at just how bright the 26 high-powered LEDs were when the sun went down. We live in the country and don't have any street lights near us so it's pitch black at night in our yard. This light allows us to see our flag out the front window clearly. And with a 10 hour plus battery life it keeps shining well after we've gone to bed. It's even water-resistant so you don't have to worry if it gets left out when it's raining.

You can purchase this Vont Solar Flag Pole Light and other Vont lighting products on Amazon on Amazon.

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