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5 Ways To Know You’re In a Relationship With An Obsessive Lover

People do incredible things in the name of love. Some choose different colleges just so they can be in the same college with the girl they love. Others move overseas and start an entire life just so they can spend more time with the person they love the most. And some even change their entire careers to accommodate for person they love so dearly.

And while those things are very endearing. Some do creep people out if the timing isn’t right for people to do those things.

And TV shows on Netflix puts these things on blast. Ever heard of a boyfriend having a crazy obsession over a girl and he just goes on a killing spree just to make sure that no other guy can get the girl he loves so dearly? But then even he doesn’t make the move so in the end the girl is just single? Ever heard of that story?

But let’s be honest, the reason why we relate to those kinds of TV shows is because we have some real-life stories of our own that might have left us a scar here and there. Having someone obsessed with you is not something dangerous, unless he too turns into a weird psycho-killer, which I hope never happens with you.

And to avoid that, here are some of the signs that will tell you that you’re in a relationship with an obsessive person –

   1. They Turn Into a Stalker
This is a dead giveaway but some people need to be told that this ain’t normal. Your relationship should be built on trust. Both people should trust each other to be faithful and hold each other to a high standard when it comes to this.

Sure, you can double check where your partner is just to make sure that they are safe, or if they have cheated before, then you definitely have the right to check what they’re doing.

But if your partner is suddenly being on level 9000 of stalker mode and tracking you all over through GPS and even starting to “randomly” show up at places you frequent to with your friends or family, then that’s a big red flag that there’s something going on with them that you need to talk about.

   2. They’re Being Too Clingy
We’re all like cats in one way or another. We love getting attention at the right moments, but we also want to be left alone from time to time. It doesn’t matter whether we’re going through a hard time or just winding down from a hard day at work. We don’t always want someone to talk to.

Sometimes just being in solitude and letting your mind at ease, is the best feeling in the world.

But does your partner demands that you guys spend each and every minute of the day together? Do they want your attention all day and not allow you to relax even for a moment? Are you starting to feel like your partner is depending on you too much or his/her world is starting to revolve around you?

This might the right time to talk things out because it’s just the beginning. Rip the bandage off and let them know what they’re doing and that they should change their habits.

   3. Starting to Emotionally Blackmail You
In a healthy relationship, you and your partner should CHOOSE to be with each other every single day. That’s the beauty of being in a happy relationship – you could go out and find another person. But you’d rather spend more time with the person you are already with because they bring you more happiness. And you find more happiness being with your current boyfriend/girlfriend and would rather work on your relationship than find someone new.

That’s an example of a healthy relationship.

But on the flipside, if the person you are with, is starting to emotionally blackmail you or threaten you to be with him/her, then now is the time to leave them. They are essentially using your love for them as a weapon to make you stay in a relationship with them. Which is the opposite of being in a happy relationship. I understand that you might love this person a lot and would do anything for them, but if they are manipulating you and using that love as a weapon to achieve selfish goals, then you’re in a toxic relationship.

You should get out of it as soon as possible. 

   4. They’re Excessively Jealous About Everything
You want to find a person that is obsessed with someone? See how jealous they get when that person spends time with someone else or pays attention to someone else.

Excessive jealousy is a tell-tale sign that your partner is obsessed with you and that you need to talk to them about this problem. Notice I said excessive jealousy, because being a little bit jealous about your partner is normal. You want them to have that kind of jealousy. Because that means that they value you and truly care about you.

But if your partner starts arguing with you over small things like someone complimenting you or you going out with your friends, then there are a lot worse things coming your way. Ideally you should avoid those kind of people right out the gate. But if you’ve been in a relationship with someone and they’re just starting to show this behavior, maybe you should give them a chance and talk about this with them.

Openly communicate with them, see what’s going on in their head and how you can help them resolve their issues. If you succeed in doing that, then congratulations, you just strengthened the bond you both have and that has significantly improved your relationship.

But if you can’t help them resolve this, then you might want to leave them. 

   5. Conclusion
Remember, at the end of the day, you want to be able to maneuver and make sure that you are in the happiest relationship you can be. We all deserve to be happy and make others happy. That’s how life is supposed to be lived.

But if your partner is showing any of the 4 signs that I mentioned above, then it might be time for you to either talk with them and try to resolve the issues they’re going through. Or you might want to get out of that relationship as quickly as possible because things won’t get any better. They will however start to get worse and worse. And before you know it, your friends will be telling you that you should’ve broken up with that guy/girl a year ago before he/she threw your clothes out of the apartment and lit them on fire.

Ideally, you’d like your partner to have just the right amount of obsession with you so that they know exactly the kind of cake you like for your birthday, or the kind of ice cream you like to eat when you’re angry. That’s sweet if a person knows that. You should check out if you’d like to know how to create that kind of obsession and also make sure that it doesn’t turn into something bad.

You don’t want that.
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