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Keep Kids Busy this Summer with Fun and Games!

Since some families are still staying home to avoid any remaining potential COVID exposure there's going to be some days of boredom ahead. Wondering what you can do to keep kids entertained while at home? From fun new games to arts and crafts below you can find an assortment of fun games and toys that will keep your family entertained during your time at home.

Thames & Kosmos CREATTO™ Light-Up Crafting™ Kits
Creatto™ is a simple yet versatile building system that consists of just two primary components that can be woven together into countless 3D creations. The flexible yet durable plastic tiles interlock quickly and easily for all skill levels; no additional materials or hardware required! Each Creatto kit includes assembly instructions for four different configurations, but the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Add strings of colored LED lights to illuminate your works of art from the inside out. Creatto is available in 3 fun sizes: mini, medi, and maxi. Kids can choose to build: Moonlight Elephant Safari, Magical Moose & Forest Friends, Starlight Kitty & Cutie Crew, Shimmer Shark & Ocean Pals, or Sparkle Unicorn & Friends.

Magformers Amazing Rescue 50-Piece Set
Click and create your own adventure with Magformers AMAZING Rescue 50-Piece Set! Magformers are a magnetic construction toy where the possibilities are endless. Build and create your own fire adventure. Build a fire station and fire truck, add wheels and fire accessories. This 50 piece set comes with 24 magnetic pieces, 2 characters and emergency vehicle accessories and much more to keep the city safe. Ages 3+

Magformers Basic Plus 14pc Set
Create 3D structures from 2D nets with Magformers Basic Plus 14Pc Set. Build with 4 Squares, 8 Triangles and 2 Inner Circle Square shapes. Create houses, towers and our ‘magic ball’. Learn to build using combine, roll and pull-up techniques and see what your imagination can create! Build along with the step-by-step instructions and develop color and shape recognition, fine motor skills and problem-solving ability. The original and authentic Magformers. Perfect for brain development, critical thinking and STEM education. Follow the Step-by-step educational idea booklet for ideas and instructions. Each geometric shape contains magnets that never reject, so you’ll always hear the Magformers click. When playtime is over, use the magnetic power to simply stack and store. Ages 3+

Stick-O City 16pc Set
From Magformers, Stick-O encourages toddlers to explore tactile learning through hands-on magnetic play. Each Stick-O shape contains magnets that rotate so toddlers creations always stick together for a frustration-free play experience. Stick-O’s unique 3D shapes contain a magnet pocket, designed so the magnet can find the right magnetic direction to stick to every time. Stick-O magnets are completely encased inside BPA-free, ABS plastic to ensure children’s safety. With the Stick-O City 16 Piece Set, kids can construct their very own busy city. Toddlers can build a car, racer, airplane and more with the City 16Pc Set . Included in this kit is 1 Sphere, 2 Stick, 3 Long Stick and magnetic accessories including vehicle wheels, wings, and propellers. Ages 36m+.

smART Pixelator
The smART Pixelator empowers kids to design and build 2D and 3D projects using Bluetooth connectivity, easy-to-follow lights, and smART Pixel Beads, Sequins or Pegs. Right out of the box, kids have a choice of creating 50 step-by-step designs using Pixel Beads. A smART Pixelator app and any mobile device also let them engineer their own projects, encouraging customization and experimentation. Additional beads, sequins, pegs, and projects are available to keep the fun flowing. Ideal for kids 7 to 107 years old.


Authentic Agility How Do You See The World
How Do You See the World from Authentic Agility Games is an engaging card game that encourages people to go beyond their comfort zone while truly learning how others view the world by asking important questions. The game includes one dice that will select one of the below five categories. Players then just pull the card and read the question from the associated category. With variations of game rules and suggestions available, this game can be played around the family dinner table, with longtime companions or with your newest neighbor. So whether you want to have deeper conversations in your social circles or really want to connect with your family, How Do You See the World? from Authentic Agility Games will spark the conversation and is an ideal gift for a friend, spouse, loved one or co-worker. Available on Amazon and for $24.99.

Bicycle® Standard Index Playing Cards
Do you remember learning your first card game? How about winning at an old-fashioned game of solitaire? Or that holiday tradition of Gin Rummy after dinner? Since 1885, Bicycle playing cards have been a part of household gaming. Known for its quality and rich heritage, Bicycle® playing cards have been bringing people together for generations. Every Bicycle® playing card deck is specially crafted so that you can trust Bicycle® cards performance, hand after hand. Great for all card games. Great for all players.


Authentic Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?
From Authentic Agility Games is the second game in the series of engaging card games. This unique experience allows people to truly connect through question asking with those you know or wish to know better. In today’s divided world, we are longing for a way to communicate and understand one another’s perspectives. Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? is a tool that will empower every person to have challenging conversations on important topics, such as politics and religion. Get in the game, with respect and without judgment. The game includes one dice that will select one of the following five categories: Reflections, Relationships, Aspirations, Life’s Purpose and Beliefs. Players then draw a card and read the question from the associated category and discussion follows. With variations of game rules available, this game can be played with all ages around the family dinner table or with your newest neighbor. Available on, Teen and up.


Fluffy Cloudz
Fluffy Cloudz is the hottest new slime to hit the toy aisle this year! Sure to ooze children with delight, the colorful, super-stretchy CLOUD SLIME assortment features fruit flavored scents including Berry Blast, Cococraze, Grape Squeeze, Melon Mania, Peach Paradise, and Piney Party. Also comes with surprise charms! Hold it high and let gravity drizzle the slime down. Ages 4+. Available at Target and Michael’s.

OMG Jewelry Surprise Balloon Singles
The Oh My Goo, Single Pop balloons are bring and cheerful, each on a stick, are offered in a variety of three great colors- your choice of pink, purple, and blue. Right on trend, these fun pops are filled with glitzy slimy compound and a surprise piece of jewelry! Children will be surprised with a variety of trendy rings and bracelets. Crack open each balloon to reveal your fun jewelry surprise. Collect them all! Ages 4+. Available at Walmart.
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