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Ever heard of Snus and wonder what it is?

I'll be the first to admit if it's not something I'm personally "into" I can be pretty clueless about alot of things that are a part of society today. I'm sure there are some others out there that are just like myself, while there are also some out there that like to learn as much as they can about everything they can. And are always looking to learn more about the world around them. Something new I recently learned about was exactly what Snus is. If you've ever heard the term snus (or even if you haven't) and wonder what it is I encourage you to read on about what I learned.

Snus is a very commonly known Swedish way to enjoy tobacco in a purer, cleaner and more flavorful way. Snus is a smokeless ground tobacco product that one can enjoy loose or in pouch form that delivers all of the pleasure and sensation of other tobacco products like cigarettes, without the unwanted side effects, such as unpleasant aromas and smoke inhalation. There are a couple ways one can enjoy snus. Some enjoy their snus loose by taking a pinch of it between their fingertips and popping it under their upper lip. Others however prefer their snus in pouch form that comes in various sized portions. Normal, maxi or mini, take your pick. Mini is so tiny that no-one will even notice what you’re enjoying. Either route you choose you'll be able to enjoy the nicotine that you may be craving, thus possibly helping you kick the habit of cigarettes and lessening the effects that smoking can have on your body.

Snus even comes in a variety of flavors from dark chocolate, mint, aniseed or licorice. When you insert a snus portion under your upper lip, you are getting ready for a taste experience that’s beyond anything you’ve experienced in the past.
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