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Bodylicious: How to Choose the Perfect Bikini

We all long for when the days become longer, and the nights shorter. With the warm breeze and bright skies all around us. One of the most excellent things to do during this season is to enjoy the sun, sea, surf, and sand. Now the only question is what suit to wear for frolicking in the water.

Bikinis are your best bet for showing how “bodylicious” you are. From a solid green bikini to a flower printing bikini, there is a broad range of designs, colors, and cuts that you can choose from. Here are the elements you need to consider when you are shopping for beach wear.

Pick a Good Cut

When you’re choosing a two-piece suit like the ones from Lime Ricki modest swimwear, you have to find a good cut that suits your body shape so you can hide your flaws and highlight your good points. For instance, thin sides for your bottoms will accentuate your long legs. If you are on the bashful side, then a tankini with a high waist, extra tummy support, and full chest coverage is a great choice.

However, if you’ve been working out at the gym and you want to show off your hard work, then a Brazilian cut is the best. It is one of the skimpiest cuts out there that will flaunt all your assets. When you pick the right cut, it will help showcase your best features.

Fit Matters

How your bikini fits you is vital to your comfort. If you pick something too loose, then you risk flashing people with your private parts. In contrast, if you select something too tight, it could end up making unsightly folds and bulges in your body. A too-tight bikini will cut off your circulation and can result in skin irritation. For best results, pick a seamless and well-fitting design that will not dig into your skin.

Pick a Good Material

Since this will be sitting close to your skin, you want a bikini made out of smooth luxe fabrics. These feel best against your skin. Choose one that will dry fast because it sucks to walk around with a wet bikini. On top of that, it would be best to choose a suit that has a lining. You don’t want to expose your private parts when your suit gets wet, so a lining is a must.

Show Your Personality

Your bikini is an extension of yourself. Your design choice will showcase your vibrant personality. Go with your favorite colors, print, and cut-style. You can pick a striking emerald green bikini, a dainty floral tankini, or a vibrant geometric-print triangle bikini. It’s all up to you. Pro tip: you should have several two-piece suits in your closet so that you’ll always have something to match your mood.

Price Concerns

Of course, just like with other things, price is always a consideration when you are shopping for a bikini. Bargain bikinis have no lining, loose threads, and cheap material. It would be a shame to waste your hard-earned money on something that will lose its shape and fall apart after one wash.

Carefully balance the price with the quality of the materials and structure of your chosen bikini. There are many deals and promo codes out there, so you can undoubtedly pick a quality suit without breaking your pocketbook.

Final Word

The blistering sun means bright blue skies and white sandy beaches are calling your name. It’s definitely delightful that summer is here because you can plan your getaways. For this season, every woman needs a good bikini. Heck, you should have more suit choices so you can mix and match. The essential thing is to find a good bikini design that you feel comfortable in because this means you can strut your stuff confidently.

Guest post was written by Helen Harry.
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