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The Smartest Questions to Ask Your Hiring Manager

No matter what kind of job industry you’re interviewing for, you will likely be asked a lot of questions. But one of the final questions you will be asked is:

“Do you have any questions for us?”

Hiring managers almost always save this for the end of the interview, to measure your interest in both the company and the role. Whether you are looking for your next gig, or you are actually invested in starting your career, make sure to let your interviewers know that you are interested.

And when the time comes that they ask you about any of your own questions or concerns, here are some topics to start with.

1. What is the most important part of this position?
All parts of the position are important. However, you want them to tell you how it directly contributes to the success of the company as a whole. How does it support management? How does it contribute to the numbers? Also, make sure you visit wall street mastermind for some of the best tips on how to get a job in the investment banking industry on wall street on your first try.

2. What would be expected of me on a daily basis?
You probably already have a good idea of what the basic requirements and duties of the job are. But you should prepare for whatever would be expected of you on a daily basis. This also shows the recruiter that you have a vested interest in the position beyond what’s already been discussed in the interview.

3. What are some of the ways you would measure my success if I worked in this position?
It’s important to lay all expectations out on the table. There shouldn’t be any secrets regarding what you can do to be most successful in the job. Plus, they should be more than happy to tell you what great things you can accomplish, as well as what they’re looking for.

4. What can I do to go beyond your expectations?
This question used to be, “What can I do to meet your expectations?”, but that isn’t enough to put yourself on top anymore. To really ace your interview and become a likely candidate for the position, you need to show your recruiters that you are willing to go above and beyond.

5. How did you get your position?
It’s always a good idea to take some time out to ask the interviewers a more personal question. Dig into their minds by inquiring about how they landed their first job. It might give you a good idea about the company culture!

6. What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of your job?
Another personal question can help you make a connection with the interviewers. This will also show that you are really interested and enthusiastic about this position in particular. You will also get a glance at some of the daily ups and downs faced by others at the company.

7. How does the feedback process work?
When you’re a team player, you need to be a team player all the way. Make sure you understand how to accept both positive and negative feedback, which allows you to get a sense of how to take accountability in the future.

8. How is workflow managed?
Some companies and teams are very hands-on. Others expect you to be able to complete your tasks with little to no direction. Make sure you know that you can keep up with the type of workflow required of you before starting the job.

9. What is the history of this job position?
Did someone have this job position before you? Or is it brand new? In either case, you may feel like you have some shoes to fill. Knowing how this position was established can give you some insight on what - or who - you’ll be working with.
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