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The Best Handbag Styles for Women

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Handbags can come in a range of shapes and sizes, allowing them to be used for a wide range of events or everyday use. Here we look at some of the best handbag styles for women depending on preference and occasion.

Tote Bags
These handbags are an obvious choice for work or school, as they are usually large and rectangular in size, making them a great style for carrying around important documents and books. Designer tote bags look professional and make a perfect accessory for your workwear. You can also find shopping totes, a great choice for grocery or clothes shopping that limits the amount of plastic bag usage and still looks good.

Shoulder Bags
The most popular of handbag choices, the shoulder bag has been around for generations and is the holy grail when it comes to all things designer. When you envision shoulder bags, designers such as Prada and Kate Spade may come to mind. While it is primarily a shoulder bag, the straps on these are often versatile, providing the option to wear over the shoulder or on the arm.

Bucket Bags
Bucket bags can come in both large and small shapes, making larger ones a great daytime accessory with plenty of storage and smaller ones a great nighttime accessory to jazz up your outfit. Bucket bags are named so due to their silhouettes. They are usually closed with drawstrings and may have a longer strap to wear crossbody. High-end stores like SSENSE sell a range of genuine designer bags, including a bucket Fendi bag. Fendi has been on the ball with their handbag ranges for years, offering a sense of style like no other - you can't go wrong with Fendi.

Satchels are usually crossbody bags that have a certain shape that defines them as a satchel bag. Satchels are rectangular and are opened and closed with the help of an envelope flap and button fastening. This is an everyday handbag that can be used for both work and home life. Most satchel designs are basic yet chic, making it the perfect little bag for any outfit.

Clutch Bags
The clutch is a statement piece for more formal occasions, such as a night drinking cocktails with the girls. Many clutches contain a secret strap that can be tucked inside the bag ready for later use. This is a good idea if you tend to leave things lying around. Clutches can be very elegant and come in a range of colors. A glitter clutch bag is the perfect party accessory for your next big night out.

Backpacks are an up and coming trend that is making its way to the handbag world. As they are more comfortable than standard handbags, it is no wonder that many women are choosing a backpack. Many designers are getting behind this trend and creating both big and small handbags, perfect for weekends away and everyday use. Being fashionable doesn’t need to mean skimping on comfort.

Not only are they a way to carry around your essential items, but Remarq handbags are also a staple fashion accessory and a way to make a bold statement with any outfit. If you’re in need of a new handbag, choosing a style that works for you is vital.
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