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Whose ready to go camping?

I don't know about you, but with the warm days we keep having every so often my mind is already thinking about the upcoming camping season. That paired with the fact that we are picking up our first travel trailer next weekend this girl is ready to get a jump-start on all of those adventures that lie ahead! With that in mind I have some fun camping related products to share with you that I'll be loading up once we get our camper home!

Whether you're camping outdoors in a tent, or sleeping inside of a camper you'll need some sort of bedding. The Zenbivy Light Quilt gives you the versatility and comfort of a zippered quilt—without the additional zipper weight. The footbox is secured with hooks and loops and has a cinch closure and snap to tighten or loosen the bottom—creating a warm draft free night sleep. Made from 800 fill power down and 20d fabrics which are so much softer than lighter technical fabrics, yet only a fraction heavier. The 40º synthetic quilt is best for summertime temperatures and layering with clothing. Or you can upgrade to an 800 fill power HyperDry™ Down for 3 season (25º) and extended 3 season (10º) quilts. No matter which quilt you go with you'll be happy with the quality and comfort of a Zenbivy quilt.

Being the new owner of a travel trailer complete with beds (and mattresses) one of the first things that came to my mind we would need are mattress protectors. Traveling to various places and staying at campgrounds it's probably a good idea to protect our investment down to even the mattresses. Because bugs and allergens are literally everywhere! By using Allerease maximum allergy & bedbug zippered mattress protectors from Curtain & Bath Outlet we are ready to do just that. These mattress protectors fabric and specially designed zippers prevent bedbugs from escaping or entering your mattress. It also protects against pollen, dust mites & pet dander. They are even waterproof to prevent liquids from ruining your mattress. They even have pillow encasements so you can protect you're pillows too!

And now that you have your bed covered it's time to think about where you'll be resting your head at the end of an adventure filled day! The most essential sleep aid is a comfortable pillow, tasked with the job of supporting your head, neck and spine. A great option is using a plant-based, all-natural latex JUVEA pillow. These pillows are made from the sap culled from the hevea (rubber) tree and are anti-allergy and mold- and mite-resistant, making them ideal for those with sinus or allergy issues. Using a patented 7-step Talalay process perfected in Shelton, CT, JUVEA pillows are exceptionally buoyant, breathable and supportive. Available in high-loft density (for back and side sleepers), low-loft density (for side and stomach sleepers) and a shapeable ComforFill version (for all sleepers), soft to the touch JUVEA pillows (in standard/queen and king sizes) feature a selection of pillow covers, such as organic cotton, cotton, Tencel, and cooling to match anyone’s needs.

My husband has actually been using the JUVEA pillow with cooling cover for the last few weeks and he's LOVING it. For the first time in months hes been waking up without a stiff and sore neck! He loves it so much he's already insisted that I get him a second one for when we go camping this summer so he doesn't have to tote his pillow back and forth between the house and the camper.

Making packing and storing your essentials a breeze by organizing them in the zippered compartments of the HangOut. Zippered compartments help to organize your travel essentials, be it clothes, underwear or your basic necessities like toiletries. With three zippered compartments, and one with bonus segmented compartments you'll be organized and ready to go in no time. All while staying organized. There’s even a built- in compartment at the bottom to hold your shoes or dirty laundry! And don't forget the sturdy metal hanging hooks to hang it in the closet or over a door.

And while you're organizing you might as well check out this handy electronics & tech organizer. Its multiple compartments are capable of holding all your electronic accessories in place, including other small accessories such as sunglasses or cosmetics. No more tangled power cords or lost accessories with this handy bag. Featuring a leather and canvas exterior, stretch-mesh interior for a stylish and comfortable feel. Its waterproof features will grant you a peace of mind whenever you encounter any wet weather conditions too.

Telling spooky stories around a fire is a classic part of any camping experience, but if you campground doesn't allow fires or you find that you picked a rainy weekend to get away, campers can use the myCharge Power Lumens to keep the tradition going. The 2-in-1 portable charger provides up to 5x extra battery life for devices and also doubles as a high-powered, LED light that not only makes an excellent makeshift firelight but can provide a source of light in case of emergencies. The Power Lumens provides light up to 40 hours and features four levels of brightness as well as a SOS flash setting (a must have in your gear in case of emergencies). Plus it even has a convenient kick stand that can help direct the light where you need it the most.

KAMUI’s Waterproof Fleece Blanket is designed to give comfort while enjoying the amazing outdoors. It can be used inside the tent as a ground layer, or outside as a picnic blanket. It is crafted with a fleece surface to give the feel of a home-like comforter and 200D nylon waterproof material underneath to give confidence ground moisture won't leak through. At a whopping 79" x 55" this blanket is roomy enough for 2-4 people to sit on and is large enough to wrap around a couple. It even comes with a handy carrying bag with shoulder strap for storage between uses and easy travel.

No matter where you’re headed extra space for your gear is always a great idea. The simplest way to increase storage is to utilize the space on the roof of your vehicle. The Super Tough Utility Cargo Bag is just the thing you need to hold your luggage, camping gear, and more with ease. It's made of premium PVC that protects your valuables from the harshest weather conditions. And the sturdy construction and reinforced zipper and stitching ensures that your gear is safely protected at all times.

For that gear that's too big to fit in a cargo bag, or you'd prefer to have a little easier access to a simple but heavy duty Cargo Net will do the job! Designed with extra thick 3/8" elastic bungee webbing with the strength of steel hooks this cargo net will give you peace of mind that your valuable cargo is securely held when used in the most demanding conditions. It's the perfect size (55" x 39") for securing heavy cargo in trailers, pick-up truck beds as well on roof racks. Tightly woven nylon bungee cords enable it to be reliable in all whether conditions. and sealed ends prevent unwanted fraying. It even comes with a handy storage bag to be easily packed away between uses. Perfect for stowing under a seat, in the trunk or garage.

In See You At The Campground authors, creators of RV Family Travel Atlas, popular podcast hosts, and parents of twins, Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi have created the perfect resource for all parents and the ultimate guide to growing closer as a family every time you set up camp—whether it’s in a cabin, tent, or RV.

Whether you’ve never set up a tent, or you’ve been camping for years this fun, family-friendly guide has valuable advice and detailed checklists for all campers, including:

• Trip-planning and road-trip tips—with packing lists
• Camp-food rules—recipes included
• Campground etiquette—the do’s and don’ts for a smooth experience
• Big adventures for little kids—how to be safe, smart, and still adventurous with little ones in tow
• Creating and capturing camping memories—how to capture the spirit of adventure

And last but certainly not least, a matching New England Patriots LED Gametime Clock and New England Patriots Football Spinner Keychain from FOCO! You may be questioning why I've included a clock and keychain for camping, well let me explain. As I mentioned above we are bringing home our first travel trailer next weekend. So for us a clock (to hang in the camper) and keychain (for the new keys) are both "camping" necessities. And it just happens to be an added bonus that my husband is a big time Patriots fan (he's from NH) so having themed decor is perfect! Of course they have other teams and sports available if you're not a Pat's fan like our family :-)
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