Stacy Talks & Reviews: Keeping Warm and Cozy this Winter

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Keeping Warm and Cozy this Winter

Photo by on Unsplash

Winter is one of my favorite seasons, for many reasons actually. I enjoy looking out the windows of my home and watching the snow fall, covering the ground in a white blanket. I find the beauty of snow and everything about it fascinating.

Another thing I enjoy about winter is being able to wear warm clothing. One of my favorites being my heated hoodie from Cozy Winters. I love to wear hoodies on a daily basis and having one that's heated makes it ten times better on those super cold days. It gives me a warm and snug feeling just like sitting by a fireplace does. Of course I don't have a fireplace so I have to count on various winter geared products as replacements. One of them being a boot dryer. Most people put their snow covered winter boots in front of their fireplace to dry but for people like me we have to use a boot dryer instead. A boot dryer works just as well and get's the same job done. Plus you can leave your boots on it all night while you're sleeping and not have to worry about an actual fire.

I also like to use electric socks. After being out in the cold for awhile your feet can really start getting cold if you wear regular socks, and they take quite awhile to warm up naturally once back inside. Using electric socks not only keeps your feet warmer while you're outside but they also feel pretty amazing on your feet when you get back inside while the rest of you is warming up too. Using all of these winter products can really help make for many winter a lot more cozy. I for one am grateful for the invention of these products as they have really improved my winter experiences. If like some you don’t like winter these products will definitely help you get through the cold months. And feel all warm and toasty in the process. They're not only helpful at keeping you from getting cold during the winter months they're also sure to better your feelings towards the winter season all around.

Article co-written by Madison & Stacy Tilton
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