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Take back your counter with the Modernhome 8Qt Air Fryer Oven

If you're kitchen is anything like mine then you know what limited counter space looks like. And how frustrating it is when it quickly fills up with all of those "must have" appliances. You know those trendy things like toaster ovens and air fryers? Those things we swear we are going to utilize, but then they end up sitting on the counter taking up valuable space and only getting used a couple times a month. That was the first thing that initially drew me to my new Modernhome 8Qt Air Fryer Oven. The ability to turn that wasted counter space into something useful and a less cluttered space. By switching to this new appliance I was able to get rid of both my toaster oven and my over-sized air fryer. Not only does it perform the functions of both of the appliances I got rid of, it can do even more! And it takes up a ton less space leaving me more counter room for prepping food. No more moving appliances from one place to another to get space for this girl!

The other thing that drew me to this appliance was all of it's functions. From air frying to baking, grilling and even roasting an entire chicken! Via the touch screen on the front I can either use one of the pre-set time and temperature options (many popular foods are featured) or I can choose my own temperature and time. Does it take some getting used to? Yes. But in the end is it worth it? HECK YES! I can cook foods so much faster, and look in on them anytime I like during the cooking process without ever opening the door. And if I do need to open the door it will automatically "pause" the cooking process and allow me to check on my food without heat blowing out on me. Once you shut the door the unit will resume where it left off. And because it's so compact it doesn't lose heat like an oven does when you open it, then have to spend time getting back up to temperature. I could honest gush on and on about this thing. But instead I'll show you some of the foods I've prepped so far.

Here's an exclusive look inside of the Modernhome 8Qt Air Fryer Oven while both air frying in the air fryer basket (left) and standard oven style baking on an oven rack (right). These are just two of the cooking abilities this unit has. You can also grill and roast inside of it too. More on that and the handy accessory kit included below.

When frying in the unit you will be using the included basket and auto-stirring arm. I've shown in the above photo the foods I prepared both frozen (top photos) and fully cooked (bottom photos). As you can see on the left using the auto-stirring function probably wasn't a good idea with the breaded cauliflower or onion petals. It did cause some of the breading to be torn off. But fret not you don't have to turn on the auto-stir function. It's completely optional via a button on the front corner of the touchscreen. It didn't have any effect on the flavor of the foods I prepared, they just didn't look quite as appealing. So do keep this in mind. The auto-stir function basically replaces the need to pull out the basket and shake like you would have done in a standard air fryer when making french fries for instance. It also helps your food cook evenly if it's more than one layer deep.

The other function that I've used a few times now is for baking. You know those 90+ degree days we had this summer? Well this girl wanted freshly baked cookies but didn't want to fire up the big gas stove causing unnecessary extra work for my AC unit. Instead I popped some in my air fryer oven and in less than 10 minutes had those cookies! And didn't heat up my kitchen in the process. It was a little bit of trial and error process though I will say. If you're using refrigerated break apart cookies from the store you'll want to be sure to flatten them a bit before placing on the pan (left photo). Otherwise the outside will get done before the inside. If you do that and keep an eye on them you'll end up with perfectly golden cookies that are done all the way through. I say keep an eye on them because baking times are going to be much less inside of the unit vs. using your oven due the compact space and the movement of the heat inside of the unit.

I will also note that the next day the cookies were still soft! I've made them in the oven many times before and normally by the next day they have gotten hard already, even in a sealed container. So I have to say I was very impressed with how using this unit changed the final product for the better.

Want to learn even more about this amazing appliance? Check out some facts on it below as well as details on where you can purchase one for yourself!

Happy air frying, baking, grilling, and beyond!

Modernhome 8Qt Air Fryer Oven
Bake roast, fry and grill your favorite meats, breakfasts, desserts and vegetables faster than ever with the Modern home Digital Air Fryer Oven. It uses incredibly hot air and fans to cook in less time than a traditional, convection, or microwave oven, without the need for extra oil or grease - which reduces fat in your food by up to 90%. The spacious design with multiple cooking levels and basket allow you to cook food for the entire family or all your guests roast a whole mouth-watering chicken, saute sizzling vegetables, or bake rich desserts for everyone to enjoy.

Let us give you a hand: an innovative secure stir attachment automatically mixes your food for evenly cooked results every time saving you time and energy in the kitchen, enjoy consistent, perfectly prepared vegetables, French fries, stir fry and more

Beat the preheat: reaches up to 400 in seconds using hot air and fast fans which also evenly cook and crisp your food from all angles, bake, roast, fry and grill meats, breakfasts, desserts, vegetables and more faster than a traditional, convection, or microwave oven

12 built-in cooking presets: select from 12-presets for popular dishes such as chicken, seafood, fries, desserts and more, enjoy consistent, perfectly prepared meals as soon as you hear the beep

Included rotating rotisserie attachment: cook an entire chicken at once with the included rotating rotisserie accessory the spit attaches to the auto-stirring arm and spins 360° so you can enjoy evenly cooked, tender, juicy chicken dinners in a snap

Dishwasher-safe parts and accessories for simple cleanup: FDA-approved materials make cleanup a breeze so you can spend more time on things that matter most - like enjoying meals, spending time with loved ones and taking care of yourself

Bonus accessory set: comes with 8-skewers for vegetables and meats, 2-mesh trays for crispy results and two-shelf cooking, 2-baking trays for cookies, pizzas and flatbreads and a baking pan for cakes, brownies, omelets and more.

Welcome to the big screen: responsive touch buttons allow you to instantly adjust cooking time and temperature at any point, while a crystal-clear LED display lets you see the temperature and timer from a distance

Share the air: improve the quality of the air around you as a convenient carbon filter silently removes any annoying odors and prevents them from spreading around your house

Keep an eye on It: an expansive, practical steam-resistant window allows you to see your meal at a glance while its cooking, so your food turns out just the way you like - without ever opening the door

Cook continuously: built-in memory seamlessly resumes your cooking timer when you open the door to flip or move ingredients, add additional food or seasonings, or simply check on your food

Built-in safety features: designed with auto-shutoff sensors that detect when the door is open and safely turn the unit off immediately

Hassle-free lifetime warranty: all parts and accessories are backed by Modernhome's lifetime-warranty and live customer service, enjoy your favorite foods with assurance that we're here to help you anytime, the unit itself is backed by a 1-year warranty

Buy it: Right now through 9/16 you can find the Modernhome 8Qt Air Fryer Oven on sale at The Home Depot at an all time low price! Be sure to check it out before the sale is over!
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