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Charleston Chew Vanilla Nougat Hot Cocoa to the Rescue!

At our house hot cocoa is considered a grocery list staple year round to my daughter. She will drink it even when it's 90 outside and the rest of us are enjoying a glass of well...something ice cold. I grew up enjoying hot cocoa in the winter months on special occasions so I'm not quite in sync with her views. At any rate keeping it on hand and ready at a moments notice is super easy thanks to Tootsie Roll Industries. They have an awesome line-up of hot cocoa flavors that you may  have never seen before. So far we are loving the two we've gotten to try. First up for us was their Charleston Chew Vanilla Nougat Hot Cocoa. There's actually three flavors in the Charleston Chew line-up that you can choose from: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. We opted for the vanilla because it sounded like a good combination with the chocolate cocoa flavor. And I am happy to say we were right. This stuff is so smooth and creamy I just might rethink only enjoying cocoa in the cooler months!

As I previously mentioned there are multiple flavors available from Tootsie Roll Industries. They are Junior Mints, Charleston Chew Vanilla Nougat, Charleston Chew Chocolate Nougat, Charleston Chew Strawberry Nougat, Tootsie Roll, and Sugar Babies starting at the top and going clockwise. We've only had the opportunity to try the Charleston Chew Vanilla Nougat and Junior Mints (Stay tuned for my review coming next month!) so far, but I'm really excited about trying the others now that I've had two of them. They are honestly very unique from other flavored cocoas on the market. And having the ability to quickly and easily make a cup in my k-cup machine is so much better than using the powder packets with a glass of water in the microwave.

Want the chance to check some out for yourself? Then head on over to the giveaway I recently posted where you can enter for a chance to win your choice of Tootsie Roll Industries Hot Cocoa!
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