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Not all cauliflower crust pizzas are created equal

Cauliflower crust pizza seems to be all the craze lately…especially with those looking to follow a healthier low carb or Keto diet. But I'm here to tell you, as I'm sure you guessed by the title of this post, not all cauliflower crust pizzas are created equal. I was actually curious about this so I decided to get two cauliflower crust pizzas from two different brands and compare them for myself. I made sure to choose pizzas with the same toppings and similar sizes so I could get as close a comparison as possible.

As you can see I opted for a Margarita topped pizza from Real Good Pizza Co. and Caulipower. Both of course as advertised on the boxes are made with a cauliflower crust.

Out of the box as you can see both pizzas are pretty close to the same size around. The one on the left is from Real Good and the one on the right is from Caulipower. From first glance you may have noticed the Real Good pizza has a little larger pieces of tomato that are mostly in the middle and a little more visible sauce. Whereas the Caulipower pizza has smaller bits of tomato that are more spread out and you can't really see sauce at all. The presentation out of the box might not be as pretty, but for someone like me that likes larger pieces of toppings and a pizza that's not dry my vote would go to the Real Good pizza for this round.

And now to compare them out of the oven. To note I did spread out the tomato pieces on the Real Good pizza before I slid it into the oven. At first glance you really notice those bigger chunks of tomato for sure and how nicely the Real Good pizza crust browned up around the edges. The tomato pieces still look small to me on the Caulipower pizza and it burnt around the edges a little where the cheese ran over but on the overall it still looks pretty good.

I did notice when sampling each of the pizzas that the Real Good pizza crust was a little thicker giving it a bit more of a hand-tossed style to it and the Caulipower pizza was a little thinner not giving it as much of a base. Not a huge difference, but something I noticed during cutting and tasting them. The one thing that I did find was a bigger difference was the taste. The Real Good pizza had more of a fresh ingredient taste from both the toppings and the crust. The Caulipower pizza was a little more bland in my opinion. I asked my husband who had no idea which brand each pizza what was his favorite and he actually picked the Real Good pizza also.

And now for the final comparison. The nutritional facts. I will point out the Real Good pizza facts are for 1/4 of the pizza and the Caulipower pizza facts are for 1/2 the pizza so be sure to take that into consideration when comparing numbers. When you do that here's what you get for your carb count, which is very important if your doing low carb/Keto.

Real Good: 6 net carbs for 1/4 = 12 net carbs for 1/2 of a pizza.
Caulipower: 34 net carbs for 1/2 of a pizza

When you look at it from a standpoint of counting carbs the Caulipower pizza has almost three times as many carbs for half a pizza vs. the Real Good pizza. And that's more than an entire days allotment of carbs for someone that's counting.

In doing a little digging I found out that a Caulipower pizza has the same/if not worse nutritional profile as DiGiorno’s thin and crispy pizza…crazy right? This is why it's always a good idea to check those nutritional facts before you buy. Don't just rely on the small facts on the front of the box.

Real Good actually just recently gave their cauliflower crust pizzas an overhaul and I have to say they did a pretty good job. They're made from real food like cauliflower, cheese, and eggs – and have great nutrition facts for those of us eating low carb. I know for me this was a real eye opening experience. Like many I figured if a pizza was made with cauliflower crust it must be low carb and good for me. But man was I wrong. From now on I'm going to be checking those facts on the back before I make my purchase.

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