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Lure Making Kit from Man Crates

If dad loves to fish this Lure Making Kit from Man Crates is a very unique gift I'm sure he's never received before but would LOVE to. I know when I showed it to my husband, whose a super active fisherman, he was totally on board with giving it a try first hand.

The Lure Making Kit comes with everything to mix and mold tantalizing, one-of-a-kind lures. Each kit comes with three exclusive injection molds to make delicious fish food shapes: crawdaddy, mudbug, and worm, as well as a pint of plastisol and individual ounces of coloring, glitter, and scent. Oh and step-by-step instructions for designing and deploying the perfect lures. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of fishing but even this has me a little bit excited.

Once everything was out of the box and directions were reviewed my husband and daughter sat down to make a few lures. My daughter used some vegetable oil to brush inside of the molds so the lures wouldn't stick while my husband heated the plastisol in the microwave using the included measuring cup. During this step be sure to be very careful as the handle of the glass cup will become hot as does the plastisol. If you get it on your skin it will burn quickly. Once the plastisol is at the proper temperature it's time to add your choice of color.

Once the color is added and mixed in you can also add in some glitter to make the lure sparkle when the sun hits it.

Once all of the mixing is done it's time to pour the plastisol into the molds. We learned that during this step you have to do all parts right away otherwise the plastisol cools off too fast while you're filling in the mold and it doesn't fill all of the areas properly.

After the mold is filled 3/4 full you stand it upright to make sure there aren't any air pockets left during the filling process. This is why you should only do one at a time and do it as soon as you pour in the plastisol. Otherwise the plastisol cools off and doesn't fill the mold properly. Definitely a learning experience.

And here is their final product after the first try. Thankfully the plastisol can be reheated and used over again because these lure aren't quite what they had hoped for. It's like they say "practice makes perfect". Or at least better we hope. At any rate my husband and daughter really enjoyed making these together and plan to do another round and hope include our son next time if he's home.

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