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Sleep in Luxury with Mellanni Fine Linens

My husband and I recently switched from a queen bed to two twin XL adjustable beds. No, not because we didn't want to sleep in the same bed. But because we have such different sleeping preferences it was the logical way to go to make us both happy and comfortable. Now we can both get a good nights rest on a mattress that's the firmness we each prefer.

Of course going from a queen to a twin XL meant we both needed new sheets. Another thing we are both picky about, especially during the summer months. I like to crawl into bed and be just the right temperature whereas he likes to crawl into a cold bed year round. For our first set of sheets we both went with Mellanni Fine Linens 100% Brushed Microfiber Sheets. They actually feel really nice to crawl into no matter what the temperature is in the bedroom. Instead of having one color of sheets for the entire bed we opted to do different colors for each of our beds. Something we couldn't have done with a queen bed. Then we used a coordinating top blanket that went with both of the colors of sheets. It actually gives the bedroom a nice array of colors.

The 1800 Collection Microfiber Sheets from Mellanni are really nice quality sheets. They aren't overly thick, and they aren't so thin you can practically see through them. I love that when I crawl into bed I don't feel like I'm crawling into a cold icebox, the sheets hold just the right amount of body heat from when you slept in them last. My husband likes to leave his top cover back so they get cool from the breeze coming in our bedroom window at night so it's a little cooler for him when he climbs into bed when he gets home in the early AM. I'm thinking come fall time I may check out their flannel sheets for my side of the bed though because I like something a little warmer when it cools down outside. I do like the way they feel so smooth against my skin and don't make me sweat at night either. It reminds me of sleeping in a luxury hotel with fancy sheets.

The legendary Mellanni Fine Linens 1800 Collection:
Our World-Famous Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheets, available in a wide range of beautiful colors, can now be yours at our lowest prices ever! You'll be able to feel the Mellanni difference! Silky soft, crazy comfortable, and affordably luxurious. We understand that your time is important, and that's why these exceptionally strong and soft sheets are wrinkle, fade, and stain-resistant; so you can spend more time on the important parts of life. This hypoallergenic microfiber bedding also keep stuffy noses at bay by blocking unwanted allergens, moisture, and dust mites. Let your body breathe so that you can get a great sleep!

And don't forget, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. This bedding set, as with all Mellanni products, comes with our Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee - the industry's most customer-friendly no questions asked, no hassle, money-back warranty.

Buy it: You can find these and other great sheet sets and bedding on the Mellani website.

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