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Get your kitchen organized with Close to Home from Thirty-One

We did a full remodel of our kitchen two years ago. New cabinets, counter tops, paint, appliances, the whole shebang. Well, almost. I didn't realize until recently that in the midst of the remodeling I didn't think about updating the things sitting on my counter that everyone sees as soon as they walk in the kitchen. It was still a random array of pieced together pieces. Looking at the photo above you can see what I'm talking about. Lots of random going on there. When I really took a good look at it I realized I needed help. And that's when I remembered the "Close to Home" line from Thirty-One.

I choose two pieces to help get me started in my quest for a counter top makeover. The first one is called the Close to Home D├ęcor Box. It's basically what it sounds like a long open box. It has wrought iron side handles that make it easy to pick up and move that also give it a little added style. With this new piece I was able to get rid of multiple things off my counter and organize all of the same contents in a much nicer way. And I was also able to engrave the front of the box with my own personalized message making it unique to my kitchen.

The second piece I choose was the Close to Home Caddy. Unlike the other piece this one has three individual compartments instead of one large opening. This made it the perfect piece for organizing my cooking tools. Now instead of a blue crock (which doesn't match anything in my kitchen) with everything all a mess I have everything sorted. I'm sure you can agree it looks much nicer. And for me it's been a lot easier when I'm prepping a meal to quickly get the tool I need to use. Again I personalized with the same message as the other piece so they were matching.

I think sometimes when people think of Thirty-One they immediately think about bags and purses. I know that was the case for me for a long time. But now after making two simple updates with these products I think of them as a place to turn for home decor makeovers too!

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