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Living with and managing Anxiety

Anxiety affects everyone differently. Some people that have anxiety are able to either hide or manage their symptoms so well no one even knows they exist. While some on the other hand haven't been able to find a way to control them...or even worse haven't even tried. Those are the people that often times will pass up any opportunity presented to them to be in any situation that might make them feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. Thankfully the anxiety I deal with isn't that bad. I'm able to function normally in my day to day life with a little help here and there. If you've never dealt with anxiety it can sometimes come across as a person being rude, tense, or just over-reactive to things you think aren't a big deal. But to the sufferer anxiety is a big deal, especially when it's in full swing. That's why over the next several weeks I want to share with you some products and ways that have helped me deal with my anxieties. And hopefully if you or someone you know deals with it they can help you too.

One thing that's helped me relax is to find a project that I enjoy and focus solely on it. That allows my mind to sort of unwind and come down from being so tense. For me coloring or painting is something that helps. Yes I've used adult coloring books a time or two, but something like a Paint-By-Number picture works even better. I found that they help more because I have it all laid out for me - i.e. what color goes where. Sometimes with the coloring books I found myself getting even more worked up trying to decide what color needed to go where! To an average person that may sound like crazy talk, but to someone with anxiety it's a real struggle. I think that's why I fell in love when my prints from Masterpiece By Numbers arrived. Their canvas's are large enough you can work on them a little area at a time, see progress, and still have something to come back for later. Each kit includes a high quality linen canvas pre-printed with the design you selected as well as the numbers that correspond with the included paints. They also send a separate paper with the same design and number so you have something easy to also reference once you get started. They even send a color photo of the design you received as well as a set of paint brushes. Everything you need to complete your masterpiece! My daughter and I both got a canvas so we can work on them together. Sometimes working on a project with a "buddy" can be helpful too. I know when she gets worked up doing homework it helps if she takes a break with me and we do a project together. These paintings have been great for that. There's not time restriction for how long we have to work on them and they dry fairly quickly so we can even do it more than once in a day if we like. Be sure to follow my social media accounts for picture updates as we work on our designs.

Something else I've found that can help is using CBD oil. I like it because it's natural and non-addictive unlike many over-the-counter (and sometimes even prescription) medications. One thing I do recommend is that you do your research when it comes to purchasing and using CBD oil to make sure you're getting quality oil that doesn't contain high amounts of THC or other additives that aren't necessary. Wholly Health is one of the brands on the market that takes the time to care when it comes to sourcing and extracting their oil. Their products are organically sourced, and CO2 extracted to provide the purest quality CBD. I've been using their brand for a few weeks now and really like the results with it. I've even noticed that I don't have as much knee pain after having started using it either which has been an added bonus!

Their CO2 extraction method provides customers the highest and purest quality CBD along with other naturally occurring phytocannabinoids and terpenes within the hemp plant. Full spectrum tincture provides the full benefits from the hemp plant without the high. With the easy to use dropper, you can mix with coffee, juices or any drink of choice, ideally placing the liquid directly under the tongue for immediate absorption. If you are looking for relief from everyday stress, healthy recovery from exercise and overall sense of calm and focus this product can work wonders for your overall well-being.

As interest in cannabis continues to evolve, more people are looking for flavored terpenes to create their own blends and improve the flavor and effect profiles of their extracts.

Of course my number one tip to help avoid anxiety is to make sure you're getting a good nights rest so you wake up fully re-energized and ready for the day. I've been using a weight blanket from rocabi now for several months and let me tell you it's been a blessing. Not only is it super soft and comfortable, it's weighted so it's like sleeping with a hug wrapped around you all night! I swear by my blanket and use it every night (except when my daughter steals it off my bed). At first I was skeptical, but after using it for several nights in a row I was hooked! I just have my daughter to battle because she thinks I should let her have my blanket all the time and not just when she's really had a rough day. Guess it's time to think about a second blanket in her size.You can check out my previous feature on rocabi here.

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