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Toys, Games and Fun for ALL

Hot for the holidays (once again) are Hatchimals! My kiddo was over the moon excited when this Hatchimals Advent Calendar arrived. Not only did it mean she was getting a present early, it meant she was getting a present every day from now until Christmas! Which is when I told her she had to wait for to get the other Hatchimals gifts that Spinmaster sent us. Yep, I'm that mom. Even though she had already seen it she was gonna have to wait.

The good folks over at Spinmaster also sent me a nice selection of Twisty Petz, an Airhog SUPERNOVA, and The Dog Game for me to share with you this holiday season. All of those items are being used for a family we "adopted" for the holidays. I am positive the little girl and the boy in the family will both be ecstatic when they open their awesome gifts Christmas morning!

Through a collection of figures and connectable playsets, Disney Doorables empowers kids to become storytellers by uniting beloved Disney characters in one land – where surprise and delight await behind each door. Disney Doorables are super cute collectibles that make for great stocking stuffers or classroom exchange gifts. They come in adorable playsets, Mini Peek Boxes (2-3 characters each), and blind bags (1 character each).

PBS KIDS has announced a variety of new toys in partnership with Whole Foods Market. Promoting imaginative and active play, these toys help children explore important concepts such as sorting, shapes and colors. The expanded collection of PBS KIDS products – available exclusively at Whole Foods locations nationwide – features wooden toys such as Avocado Castanets and Chunky Puzzles, and exclusive matching games such as Wheels and Squeals and Robot Wrangler from LeapYear. Additionally, PBS KIDS will debut five new plush animals, made by Aurora. PBS KIDS is dedicated to helping children learn and grow. One hundred percent of the net proceeds PBS receives from purchases of these toys will support PBS KIDS’ mission to empower children to succeed in school and in life.

Emzo's Kawaii Squeezies has characters for everyone will enjoy. From foods, animals, accessories and more there's something every Squeezie lover will be excited to discover in their blind bags. Each cute little mystery box includes a bag inside that hides the identity of the included Squeezie. Perfect for a fun surprise every time.

Photo Pearls and Paint-Sation are the ultimate tools for encouraging creativity, imaginative play, and tech-free time for all ages from Goliath. The best way to unleash their creativity is to give them a way to do it freely!

Paint-Sation is every mother’s dream come true, paint that won’t spill or make a mess! Even if children turn the pod upside-down, the paint won’t drip out. Children simply touch their brush along the specially-designed bristles, and they’re ready to paint.

Photo Pearls lets children transform their photos into unique works of art. It’s super easy – all children must do is upload their photo to the Photo Pearls app to “pearlize” their image. Then they can start assembling their piece of art with the key provided. A wonderful alternative to puzzles, Photo Pearls is a great stress reliever that will leave children with a show-stopping piece of art.

Have a craft lover on your list? Then you'll definitely want to check out these two products from Creabow Crafts. The Holiday Stencils Set and Deluxe Glitter Set are two additions any craft lover will enjoy receiving. Both come with their own cases to hold their contents for use at home or on the go.

Holiday Stencils Set: Includes 12 Glittered Stencils Boards, 6 Neon Colored Pencils, 8 Thin Glitter Pens, 1 Sketchpad with 20 Drawing Paper (A4), 1 Sharpener, 1 Pencil case. Storage and carrying around is also made easy with a clear zippered bag. (Standard Stencils Set also available.)

Deluxe Glitter Kit: Includes a hard shell EVA case, 26 sparkling extra fine glitters, 1 glitter glue, 1 brush

Mojimoto is a collection of talk-back interactive characters that repeat what you say in their own funny voice! Inspired by the emoji character we all know and love, mojimotos lip-sync to music and repeat up to 8-second recordings. Mojomoto’s mouth and eyes move when they are talking or singing. You can clip them to your backpack or belt and take them with you wherever you go! There are 8 characters waiting to be collected! Kitty, Puppy, Monkey, Cheeseburger, Taco, Rainbow Poo, Rainbow Unicorn, Rainbow Ice Cream – one for every mood!

KINDER JOY® is a delicious treat made of two soft cream layers – one sweet milk-cream flavored and one cocoa flavored. Nestled into the creamy layers are two round, chocolate-covered wafer bites that are filled with sweet cocoa cream, to be eaten with the included spoon. The other half of the egg contains an exciting surprise toy.

Half an egg is all the space Kinder™ needs to provide creative toys that spark the imagination and bring hours of fun. Each KINDER JOY® toy is created with the goal of surprising your kids every single day. In addition to being a surprise, KINDER JOY® toys engage kids through assembly, imagination, and interaction in order to extend the fun of playing beyond the initial excitement of discovering the toy.

The ALEX DIY Paper Swirls Swirl Station introduces young craft enthusiasts to the world of quilling; making art with rolled paper strips. Make art, cards, toys, jewelry and more with 200 colorful strips of paper. The Swirl Station makes quilling easy by rolling the strips in seconds, with the push of a button. The instruction booklet teaches you how to make lots of suggested shapes, or you can swirl around body forms to make bigger creations. The creative possibilities are endless.

How about a fun stocking stuff for those little ones! Dolce stands for Develop, Observe, Learn, Create, Educate. Let your baby DEVELOP their sensory skills with the wide variety of high quality textured fabrics. Your little one will love to OBSERVE the fun colorful fabrics and LEARN to understand cause and effect through the many interesting activities in our toys. CREATE fun, learning and roleplay with your favorite Dolce friend. Let the beautiful, interesting and activity rich Dolce toys EDUCATE through play.

Big Money and Ya Blew It! are great family games that also make fantastic gifts for anyone on your holiday list. One of our holiday traditions is playing games as a family on Christmas Eve. And every year we try to add a new game or two to our selection to play. This year we are looking forward to playing these two new games and learning them together!

Big Money, the game of risky rolls and fabulous fortunes, combines what you love about famous dice and money games into a simple, stylish package! Kids and adults ages 8 to 88 will love rolling the dice, raking in the dough, breaking the bank and accumulating assets. Big Money is quick and easy to learn, making it the perfect board game for family nights, organized events, or birthday parties.

Ya Blew It!, Dig deep in the card deck to mine for gems but be careful, other prospectors may try to steal your claim! It's explosive push-your-luck fun with every suspenseful roll of the dynamite dice! A risk-taking game filled with exciting choices and explosive moments!

Get ready for some fun filled enjoyment with friends! Buzz Bee Toys Air Warriors Covert Squad dart blasters allow you and a friend to stay in secret communication while in pursuit of your target. Each dart blaster features realistic bolt loading action and blasts darts up to 100 feet away. With a range of up to 300 feet, the Walkie Talkies keep you in communication with your team mate. With a simple press of the talk button, connect with your team mate while your target is on the move. Each dart blaster comes with a set of earbuds so that only your team mate can hear what you are saying. The Walkie Talkies have are two channels for multiple team play. diff4 "AA" batteries are required. Item includes two darts blasters, 8 long distance darts and 2 sets of ear buds.

With this 5D Diamond Painting Kit by Diamond Art Club™, you can create a sparkling, vibrant work of art at home. Simply apply the colored resin diamonds to the pre-printed canvas using the provided tools. When you follow the straight forward pattern, you’ll see the stunning mosaic designs appear. We received an awesome print of two dolphins in the ocean called "In The Ocean" by Claudia McKinney. The process is a bit time consuming, but I've seen finished products and know it will be worth it in the end when we get to see our beautiful finished work of art.

Do you have an airplane loving kiddo on your list this year? Or maybe someone that travels alot that you'd like to give a unique gift to? Then you'll want to check out Emirates awesome line-up of fun flight themed products. They have everything from aircraft models and toys to apparel, accessories and more. So many unique gifts that you won't find other places.
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