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Jack Links for breakfast? Say what?!

Our family has been a big fan of Jack Link's products for as long as I can remember. It's even a snack that I don't feel guilty indulging in every once in a while while I'm watching TV or on a long road trip. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, we've all made that gas station stop for beef jerky. :-) But never did I think I would be eating their products for breakfast. Yes, you heard me right breakfast! They recently launched an awesome line of breakfast bacon and breakfast sausage products that we recently got to give a try.

Me being a bacon lover I had to try out the Breakfast Bacon first. Honestly I couldn't snap those photos and get that bag ripped open fast enough. (Nor could my daughter who was anxiously standing beside me waiting.) As much as I wanted to make her wait a little extra there was no way this mamma was going to make herself wait any longer than possible. So just moments after the photos were snapped we were tearing into the packages of bacon. My first impression was that it looked liked your average leftover (saying it I know it doesn't even sound right...leftover bacon) pieces of bacon after they've been refrigerated. Not a common occasion in this house let me tell you. But anyhow back to that tasty breakfast treat we just indulged ourselves on. This stuff is REAL 100% bacon, and it tastes just like you would think. Like flavored bacon. Let me tell you we were both in heaven. And both eyeballing the bag wondering who was going to be lucky enough to get those last few pieces. On the back it says to refrigerate after opening or consume within three days...really three days? I want to know what family can make a bag last that long because it didn't happen in my house. Needless to say Breakfast Bacon was a hit.

Next up was their new Breakfast Sausage. Now this one I could see lasting three days (at least if they boys didn't see the bag). I'm not as big on sausage as I am on bacon so I didn't indulge on these as much. Again they were surprisingly good for being out of a shelf stable package and not just freshly cooked. The look wasn't nearly as appealing as the bacon, but the taste was pretty darn close to that of fully cooked breakfast sausages. These are already on my boys list for their backpacks for hunting season because they both loved them. And getting up before the sun they often times forget to grab something to eat before leaving the house. These Breakfast Sausages will be a great back-up plan to get them going in the morning. Or for a snack later in the day even. My husband was the only one that ate the hot & spicy ones and I said I would take his word for it when he said they were pretty tasty too.

Of course if you wanted you could even eat Jack Link's Beef Steak Strips for breakfast. They probably aren't the first thing that would come to mind for breakfast, but we all need a little protein in the mornings. My daughter and I both ate one of them as we were walking down to the bus because we got up late and with all the running around had forgotten to eat breakfast in the chaos. Honestly I think it was a better choice than a sugared up Pop-Tart. Of course you could enjoy these any time of day and be happy. I even managed to stash one away in my purse for an emergency snack when I'm out running errands.

No matter which you choose you won't be disappointed with Jack Link's for breakfast.

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