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Authentic Cold Brew Coffee made simple with Java House Liquid Pods

One thing I learned about myself this summer is I'm a big fan of cold brew coffee. Sometimes I like to drink it straight but most of the time it's with flavored creamer for an added sweet kick. Another thing I learned is that I don't always have the patience to brew up a single cup to enjoy cold. Even in a single cup brewer. And honestly it's usually not as strong as I'd prefer after adding the ice to cool it down. Thankfully I ran across these Java House Cold Brew Coffee Pods. Each of the liquid pods features Java House delicious cold brew in concentrate form (instead of the traditional grounds you find inside a K-cup). That means you can open the pod and pour it straight into a cup, then add ice and water (and creamer if you like) and it's ready to enjoy. Of course if you prefer it hot you can also use them in a single brewing machine for a less bitter, less acidic and much smoother cup of hot coffee. But with the warmer temps I've got my mind on that cold brew!

Java House Cold Brew Coffee
Enjoy hot or cold. How you brew is up to you. Our dual-use liquid pods will blow your mind. You can enjoy them hot or cold, combining authentic taste with an unrivaled experience. It's the best way to enjoy rich, flavorful cold brew coffee at home or on the go. Hot or cold, same smooth taste. No preservatives, additives, or coffee derivatives. Just great tasting cold brew available whenever and wherever you are.

Available in four varieties including Colombian, Ethiopian, Sumatran and Decaf.

Buy it: You can purchase Java House Cold Brew Coffee on the Java House website or at Walmart stores across the country.

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