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Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

When it comes to family fun there's no place like Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. We went this summer on part of our mini-vacation. Our last visit there was actually nine years ago. I honestly couldn't believe it had been that long since our last visit. I can tell you one thing though it won't be that long before we go back. This trip reminded me just how much I loved Holiday World. From the hospitality to the free sunscreen and drinks through out the park it honestly has a lot to offer.

Speaking of what they have to offer. They have rides that will actually bring siblings closer together. Whether it be sitting side by side in a ride, or preparing to bump into each other on the bumper cars it's worth it to see these two getting along! The kids actually went the entire day without arguing and boy was it nice. It was neat to see what my son remember because he was nine the last time we went. My daughter was only three so I don't think she really remembered anything. It think it was more of having seen photos of our previous trip that she remembered. Luckily they are both old enough this time to make memories they will be able to recall later and share about with their families.

Speaking of families. We even took the opportunity to make ourselves into a family of scarecrows on our way towards "Thanksgiving". The areas of the park are divided up into some of the major holidays like Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving. All of them are themed for their corresponding holiday to go along with the name of the park. I think it's a great idea since it's located in Santa Claus, IN. And to me themed places are so much more memorable.

Part way through our day the first rain storm started brewing. So we took the opportunity to head out to the car and get our picnic lunch to enjoy in the shelter just outside of the park. I love that the park thinks of their visitors and has a shelter for us to enjoy a picnic lunch. And a place to stay dry while doing so. We got to see a family of geese as we were eating and even fed them some popcorn. Another great memory to talk about later.

Once we finished lunch and the storm passed we headed back into the park with my trusty "In The Clear Tote" from Thirty-One. They check all bags/purses when you enter the park so this made it really easy for them to do. They could see everything from the outside and didn't have to do as much digging to see what it was. I even used my "In The Clear Pouch" for small things like hair ties, a hairbrush, ect. so those would be easy for them to see too. After we got the okay on our bag contents we headed off to Splashin' Safari. That's what the call the water park area. As soon as we got our suits on we locked up all of our belongings in a locker for safe keeping so I didn't snap any photos of the water park this visit. You can check it all out on their website though where it lists all of the rides and attractions in the water park. Since the skies were still mostly overcast were able to really enjoy the water park and not get overheated.

After we finished at the water park it looked like another storm might be making it's way to us so we decided to take advantage of the rides all being shut down for a bit. We stopped over and had us some really tasty funnel cakes. We couldn't decide which one sounded the best so we opted to get multiple to share. It turned out to be a good thing too because we ate every last bite! And just as luck would have it the rides did end up opening back up for the last hour the park was open. Many people had already left so the lines were super short too. This was great because we got to ride some of them a couple times in a row.

And this is us, on our way in and our way out of the park. The staff very generously offered to take pictures for us so we could all be in the photo. Much better than taking turns behind the camera and only have three at a time in a picture.

And just for fun here's a little collage of photos from our trip nine years ago. Complete with a few in the water park even!

Need help planning a trip to Santa Claus, IN? Visit the Spencer County Visitors Bureau website for loads of helpful tips and ideas.

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