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Get ready for Canning Season with Ball® Home Canning

It might seem like canning season is still a little ways off, but honestly it's just about the right time to begin. Many fruits are at their peak freshness in May making them perfect for jams and jellies! I know I for one have already been eye-balling those lushes baskets of strawberries just thinking of all the ways I can use them in my kitchen. If you enjoy canning, or might be thinking about giving it a try here are some great tips from Ball® Home Canning to make canning at home safe and successful.

Do This, Not That
Tips for Safe & Successful Home Canning

NOTE: When using a glass top stove: 1. Ensure it's safe for home canning. 2. If so, use a pot that is completely smooth on the bottom and will come in complete contact with the heating element. 3. The bottom of the pot must not exceed the burner by more than 1".

Be sure to check back often because I will be sharing lots of great canning tips, recipes, and more as the season continues!
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