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Essential Charms Tree of Life Necklace

If you don't already know from previous posts, or if you're new to the blog I'm a big fan and user of essential oils. Anytime I can use an oil instead of synthetic remedies (like OTC medicines) for my ailments it's at the top of my list to try first. I also like to use them as a way to uplift my mood through out the day. One way I do this is by wearing jewelry that allows me to keep my essential oils near me. Take for instance this Tree of Life Necklace from Essential Charms. Inside of the diffuser locket you'll find a lava stone, this is where you apply your essential oils. The lava stone holds the oils and allows their scent to be released through out your day. At Essential Charms they offer a wide selection of diffuser lockets like this one as well as several colors of lava stones that go inside of them. I picked a black stone just so it would go with pretty much anything I wear. The locket is very easy to open so you can change the stone and add essential oils with little effort.

The necklace comes on a 30" black cord, but if you prefer they also sell a nice 30" chain that you can purchase to "spice up" your necklace. They also have a nice selection of bracelets that feature semi-precious stones as well as lava beads for using with your essential oils. Either way you go you'll be very pleased with your new jewelry and the benefits of having your essential oils close through out the day.

And just in case you're curious here's a little information on why you would want to choose jewelry with lava stones to use with essential oils.

Lava has been used for centuries to help reduce anxiety and calm the emotions. Lava stones are also a critical element for grounding and stabilizing the root Chakra.

When you combine your Essential Oils with lava stones, you are combining two powerful natural compounds that increase the effectiveness of each other!

However, the best part about wearing our lava stone jewelry is that relief from anxiety, fatigue, stress or other issues are simply a deep breath away.

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